SEP 11-12, 2024

The 28th China Beauty Expo – Shanghai Concluded Successfully!

With a stimulated market in 2024, hordes of people gathered at the 28th CBE to initiate intensive collaboration,demonstrating the progress andadvancement of the beauty industry in China.

With the fiery-hot negotiation atmosphere, weshare 6 innovative approaches that are transforming into new industry trends.


Big brands led by innovation, domestic brands riding the upward momentum.

28th CBE Shanghai has attracted more than 3000 international beauty companies led by Shiseido, L ‘Oreal, POLA ORBIS, KOSE COSMEPORT and others. 

Domestic beauty enterprises including PROYA, Jahwa, CHANDO, Pechoin, UNIASIA TECHNOLOGY, BLOOMAGE BIOTECH, FREDA, FOREST CABIN, broughtmany of their star brands, fielding more than 6,000 domestic beauty brands inshow of force. 

International and domestic brands have each accounted for half of the market, competing on the same stage and showing their uniqueness.


Launching the next-generation brands intensively, locating new dimensions to grow

The rise of domestic beauty brands will not be denied. CBE Shanghai 2024 has gathered a new generation of beauty group enterprises and brands such as LITTLE DREAM GARDEN, PMPM, YOSEIDO, AKF, INTO YOU, KAT0-KATO, IORE, Spes.

With the younger generation of consumers growing up in the Internet era, with diversification, and individualism, new generation brands not only perform particularly well online, but also possess great enthusiasm and “ambition” for offline marketing. Behind the heated negotiations at the exhibition, we see the young and powerful force in the beauty industry will push the industry to another level.


Growth Driven by Science and Technology, with science communication becoming a consensus.

At this year’s CBE, the term “Science and Technology” was overly repeated. More than 1,500 supply chain enterprises showcased their important scientific and technological achievements developed over the years.  More importantly, more and more brand companies got involved in research competitions, showcasing their unique ingredients and effects, and also promoting the process of science communication to consumers.

Themed “New Ideas for Skin Care in Science and Technology” initiated jointly by CBE and Weibo Beauty, questions about skin care that consumers cared about were answered through interviews with experts and representatives of brand enterprises, which went viral on Weibo and topped the search queries on May 24.

The 9th Global Beauty Innovation Summit this year led dozens of science and technology forums to promote the high-quality development of the cosmetics industry with the theme of “Science & Technology”.


Medical Beauty and Life Beauty, double idea for development.

In the professional beauty sector, CBE not only attracted enterprises such as those engaged in high-end professional beauty products, beauty instruments, nail and eyelash beauty products, but also enterprises focusing on functional beauty. Professional beauty brands from home and abroad such as CARELIKA, ORGANIC TIME, ESTHE TWIN, POWER TREE, PREBIO, DMK and others have brought more vivid development force to China’s beauty industry market.

During the exhibition, CBE officially launched the “Shanghai International Medical Cosmetology Exhibition“, and the CBE Dual Beauty Alliance was also established where the heads of influential medical beauty institutions in the industry, beauty industry entrepreneurs, and beauty industry leaders were invited to serve as vice chairpersons to further promote the new development of China’s beauty industry by taking public welfare actions and uniting the strength of medical beauty and life beauty.

Under the guidance of China Hairdressing & Beauty Association, CBE united forces from all sectors to focus on the theme of medical beauty and life beauty, and launched dozens of beauty industry activities.


Buyersfrom all over the world flocked in and the performance by KOLs was impressive

Asa must-attend event for practitioners in the beauty and cosmetics industry, CBEnot only attracts professional buyers from all fields and all channels in thebeauty and cosmetics industry, but also digs deeper into new channels withgrowth potential to help exhibitors reap new business growth.

At the 28th CBE this year, the number of international buyers and purchasing groups in the Belt and Road region has surged. This will undoubtedly drive Chinese-based cosmetics companies to “go global”, thereby expanding business growth.

CBE also held a special matchmaking meeting “CBE Supply Chain-to-Manufactures Business Meeting” on May 21, inviting international buyers and purchasing groups to conduct one-on-one offline trade negotiations with domestic beauty supply chain enterprises that plan to expand overseas.

Thenew KOL channel from CBE’s KOL CLUBperformed particularly well at this exhibition. CBE KOL CLUB has gathered morethan 5,000 high-quality beauty live-streamer, top experts in compositionevaluation, highly-popular KOLs, and powerful streamers in beauty segments toserve the live streaming and marketing needs of beauty enterprises.

CBE created the “KOL Zone” in Hall N5, and launched a special event of “Resource Matching of KOLs” in the form of “Resource Matching + KOLs Visiting the Exhibition”, gathering thousands of KOLs to the scene through 1V1 negotiations and special resource meetings, empowering brands with multi-dimensional strategies to capture new growth.

The 13th China Cosmetics Retail Summit with the theme of “New Retail Value” attracted 1,556 cosmetics business elites from China. Led by the heads of CBE Top 100 and Zunsheng Top 100, it gathered elite leaders from various retail formats, tapped the power of retail innovation, redefined the value of retail, and jointly explored the development path of cosmetics retail.


Digitalization is the future, online and offline exhibition intertwined

Digitalization is an irresistible trend. Exhibitors and enterprises comprehensively promote digital development to improve efficiency. As an industry exhibition, CBE continues to promote digitalization to empower exhibitors to communicate and trade accurately.

The 28th CBE integrated online and offline exhibition using CBE GoCloud platform. By linking online pages to offline exhibition locations, professional buyers was able to quickly identify target exhibitors and make an appointment online in advance to improve the efficiency of on-site negotiations. During the 3-day exhibition, through online activities such as “exchange of business cards” and “live streaming of exhibitions”, tens of thousands of trade visitors were gathered for online trade matching, providing exhibitors with additional online business flow and trade leads.

Although the 28th CBE has come to a close, the development of the cosmetics industry will not cease. As a business value platform for the global cosmetics industry chain, CBE, with the theme of sharing global innovation resources and the mission of “promoting China in becoming a powerhouse in the cosmetics industry”, shall continue to integrate global resources to help cosmetics companies achieve business growth.

Themed “Go! Inno-Beauty”, CBE Hangzhou 2024 will be held at the Hangzhou lnternational Expo Center from September 11-12, 2024. 

CBE Hangzhou will focus on a new generation of emerging brands, pool new players, new content, new collaboration, new technology and other innovative resources to jointly create a new protagonist in the beauty market.