MAY 22-24, 2024


Nail & Eyelash (Hall E5)

Nail and eyelash embroidery area in Hall E5 brings together internationally renowned beauty brands from Europe, America, Japan, South Korea, etc., covering nail art and eyelash embroidery products, instruments, supporting tools, furniture and equipment, from research and development, production, sales, service. Technical training meets the needs of the beauty industry in all aspects, presenting excellent products, technical demonstrations and service items to buyers on the spot. The Asian Nail Art and Eyelash Culture Festival is held concurrently with the exhibition. It is a fashion vane for nail art and eyelash embroidery in the industry.

Scope of Exhibitors

  • Nail and Eyelash embroidery products, equipment, accessories, furnitures

Why Exhibit

  • Exhibited with famous nail and eyelash embroidery brands from around the world
  • Nail and eyelash industry has huge market development potential and maintained high growth for many years
  • Close to 10 nail and eyelash events during the exhibition to help exhibitors expand their business
  • Discover more business opportunities through more than 30 domestic beauty associations in China
  • In-depth exchanges with quality buyers from more than 80 countries
  • Increase brand awareness through the expo’s online platform

Visitor Category

  • Professional Beauty Distributor/ Agent
  • Professional Beauty Brand Agent
  • Beauty Salon, Skin Management Center, SPA center
  • Fitness Center / Club
  • Medical Beauty Center / Clinic
  • Hair and Beauty Institution
  • Self-owned Store

Why Visit

  • Discover around 100 worldwide leading brands in nail and eyelash embroidery
  • Hall E3 Pavilion Europe, Japan, South Korea Nail eyelash Area, provide an efficient one-stop procurement platform
  • Observe the International technology show live
  • Learn the latest technology and experience “safe, healthy and environmentally friendly” products
  • Participate in Asian Nail and Eyelash Contests
  • Discover market hotspots and locate franchise opportunities

Exhibitor Highlights

Product Highlights

Concurrent Events

  • Asia Nail & Eyelash Art Culture Festival
  • Beauty Festival – 10th China Beauty Association Anniversary
  • CBE Embroidery Beautification Summit
  • Yuerong Award Eve
  • Top Professional Nail & Eyelash Brand
  • Japan and Korean Nail & Eyelash Beautician Display