SEP 11-12, 2024


Oral, Baby & Children, Household Cleaning (Hall W3)

Oral Care, Baby, Children products are featured in Hall W3. Around 100 domestic and foreign companies exhibits oral care, baby, children finished products, personal care products, production capabilities, as well as participation from distributors. With the gradual growth of consumer spending for the people born after 1990s, changes in mother-baby consumption habits have driven its products and channels to be more specific. By being well acquainted with market trends, CBE Shanghai, the organizing committee uses high-end, safety, quality, and health as benchmarks, to introduce well-known brands at home and abroad, as well as popular emerging products in the market. Our platform fulfills the needs of mainstream offline channels, e-commerce and social media platforms, new retail and other diverse channels. More and more maternity-baby-children companies are discovering business cooperation through the CBE Shanghai exhibition platform and taking a foothold in the Chinese market.

Scope of Exhibitors

Baby-Children: diapers, baby wipes, baby shower gel, baby care accessories, children toothbrushes, children’s moisturizers / creams, children’s laundry detergent, mosquito repellent products Maternity: Maternal skincare, makeup, nutrition, shampoo, stretch mark care, postpartum care / repair products Personal care (body care, hand and feet care)

Oral care: Toothpaste, toothbrush, mouthwash and other oral care products.


Why Exhibit

  • Connect with quality buyers from more than 80 countries
  • Utilize the millions of traffic generated by medias dedicated to finished products, fashion, and maternity-baby, to help brands reach hundreds of millions of consumers
  • Meet experts and authoritative persons, interpret and explore the future trend of the industry
  • Exhibits with well-known global personal care companies and brands


Visitor Category

  • Regional distributors across the country
  • Top 100 / Regional Chains
  • Top 10 channel distributors in Asia
  • Specialty store for mothers and babies
  • High-end supermarket
  • Mainstream e-commerce buyer group
  • Social e-commerce
  • WeChat
  • Associations
  • Mainstream medias KOL
  • Operational Services Agency
  • Industry experts


Why Visit

  • Select 1000+ maternity-baby-children new products from around 100 domestic and foreign companies, satisfying all your needs in one place.
  • The categories are more precise, and the special area layout helps you to a better experience.
  • Hall W3’s classic maternity-baby-children theme area, bringing together high-quality brands from home and abroad
  • Being one step ahead on getting the latest market hotspots and industry authoritative reports
  • Regional distributors across the country, top 100 / regional chain stores

Exhibitor Highlights

Product Highlights

Johnson & Johnson China Ltd.

Product Brand: Aveeno 

Dedicated to the production and promotion of high quality personal health care products, suitable for various ages. Johnson & Johnson (China) co., LTD. ‘s mission is to be the most trusted consumer healthcare company in China.

Tianjin Yumeijing Group Co., Ltd.

Product Brand: yumeijing

Accompanied group development of “Yu beauty net” brand has 40 years of history, lasting along new, became national well-known cosmetics brand, which “Yu beauty NET children cream” early in Shang century 80 early on filled has domestic children skin care products of blank, and to excellent of quality and unique of skin care effect, became generation children of growth partner, sales has been home national similar products first.


Product Brand: Coati

FUJIAN MENGJIAOLAN DAILY CHEMICALS CO.LTD Founded in 1995,Headquarters is located in China’s famous “The land of flowers and fruit” – fujian zhangzhou,Is a research and development, production, sales and service in one of the comprehensive innovation-scale enterprises. Since its inception, the company has focused on providing high-quality baby care products for children. After 25 years of precipitation and Development, the company’s “Coati” brand has become the leading brand in the infant care industry.

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