SEP 11-12, 2024


Visitor Guideline for Foreigners to CBE Shanghai 2024

1.Pre-register for CBE Shanghai 2024

-Pre-register by the following link, get your confirmation code.

-Print or screenshot the last page including the code and take your ID document to the identity verification counter on-site to get your entry pass. (Valid Credentials: Hong Kong and Macao Residents Entry and Exit Permit/ Taiwan Residents Entry and Exit Permit /Taiwan Compatriots Card/Taiwan ID Card/ID card/Passport)



Real-name tickets are required for this exhibition, full price tickets are required from 16:00 May 21 to 14:00 May 24, 2024 (The ticket price is ¥ 100);

Visitors who complete the “real-name ID registration” by 21st May 2024 can receive free tickets for a limited time;

The online payment only supports WeChat. If you need to pay by other methods, you can pay at the on-site manual counter with the payment QR code after registration (cash, Alipay, UnionPay, VISA, Mastercard and other payment methods are supported);

2.Visa to China

– Before coming to China, the visitor should check whether the passport and visa are valid and have enough entry times and stay length.

– Newest adopted countries with visa-free to China:

France; Switzerland; Germany; Italy; Malaysia; Singapore; Netherlands; Spain; Switzerland; Thailand; Ireland; Austria; Belgium; Luxembourg; Hungary; Maldives; Kazakhstan; Antigua and Barbuda; Albania; The United Arab Emirates; Barbados; Bahamas; Belarus…

For a complete list of countries with visa exemptions to China, please visit the link below.


– In principle, foreign citizens coming to China should apply for visas in advance from Chinese embassies and consulates, offices, offices of the Special Commissioners in Hong Kong and Macao or other agencies abroad authorized by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, except those for which visa exemption is explicitly stipulated

-Visa Application Routine:

Answer the following and related questions and be prepared of the related materials:

Valid passport;

A recent two-inch half-length headless photo

Fill in the Application Form for Foreigner Visa and Residence Permit;

If you need the invitation letter from CBE, please email [email protected] to apply for an invitation letter.


-The airport

There are two airports in Shanghai: Pudong Airport and Hongqiao Airport. It is suggested that visitors book the flights to Shanghai Pudong Airport, which is closer to the exhibition hall and has the largest number of flights.

-From Airport to the exhibition hall (SNIEC)

The simplest way to travel for foreigners not familiar with the city is to call a Taxi;

From the airport to the hotel or exhibition center, please follow the sign to the official taxi stand;

Prepare your destination address in Chinese and request a receipt upon paying the driver;

Estimated fee from Pudong airport (PVG) to the Exhibition Center should be less than 100 RMB;

Estimated fee from Hongqiao airport (SH) to the Exhibition Center should be less than 100 RMB;

Prepare your destination address in Chinese and request a receipt upon paying the driver;

-From Hotel to the exhibition hall (SNIEC) or to the airport

       Please have a hotel staff call a Taxi.

-Metro station name of the exhibition hall (SNIEC):

       line 7 HUAMU road


Since the the exhibition hall (SNIEC) is in Pudong New District, we recommend that you could book a hotel near the hall or other hotels in Pudong New District.



Renminbi (RMB) is the only currency accepted in China; 

We do recommend exchanging enough RMB before or just arriving in China.  (Currency exchanges can be made at the China airport);

Currency exchanges can also be made at local banks with a limit of 500 USD per day.

-Alipay (e-wallet)

Alipay itself is only available to Chinese citizens with a Chinese bank account. However, the app also offers an option called the Alipay Tour Pass. This is a 90-day pass for foreigners to use Alipay while in China.

It means that you can use your ordinary bank card with the app, to spend on dining, shopping and everywhere else Alipay is accepted in China.

               Download the Alipay app – it’s available for Android and Apple devices.

               Sign up with your mobile phone number

               Choose the Alipay International Version

               Select ‘Tour Pass’

               Enter load amount – this is the amount you’d initially like to load the app with

               Add your bank card

               Enter your ID information if asked. An important thing to remember here is that you’ll need to enter your ID details in exactly the same way that they’re registered at the bank.

               Complete the load money process.

               Once you’re all set up, you’ll be able to make Alipay payments in China wherever it’s accepted. Simply scan or show your QR code to pay at the checkout.

6. Dinning and Shopping

               All restaurants and stores will accept cash (RMB) and Alipay. 

               Some restaurants and stores will take VISA and MasterCard.

7.The weather and temperature

CBE Shanghai 2024 will be held on May 22-24, 2024. The temperature at that time will be around 25-30 degrees. It is suggested that you can bring summer wear.