SEP 11-12, 2024

Breaking News | Go! Inno-Beauty!

With the development of social economy and technology, the intergenerational changes of consumers, the diversified development of channels, and the diversification of beauty consumption preferences, the cosmetics industry ushers in a new market and enters a new era.

In response to market demands and exhibitor calls, China Beauty Expo (CBE) integrates new resources and will hold “China Beauty Expo – Hangzhou” (CBE Hangzhou), taking place at the E-commerce capital of China – Hangzhou during the industry procurement season in September 2024.

Themed “Go! Inno-Beauty”, CBE Hangzhou 2024 will be held at the Hangzhou International Expo Center from September 11-12, 2024. Based on CBE’s premium standards, it will introduce trendy domestic brands, selected imports, customized supply chains, Influencers /MCN, new channels and other inno-beauty resources that adapt to the current market development, making more new resources visible and promoting the upward growth of the industry.  CBE’s “2 City – 2 Expo” strategy will greatly promote the Chinese cosmetics industry in May and September.

On November 20, 2023, CBE held the Press Conference for CBE Hangzhou and its Influencer Club. This means that CBE has fully assembled new resources to promote China cosmetics industry; at the same time, CBE’s “2 City – 2 Expo” strategy of Shanghai and Hangzhou has officially launched.

CBE Hangzhou 2024 is estimated to showcase more than 5,000 beauty brands from more than 20 countries and regions, attracting over 50,000 global professional visitors to the show. There will be 4 theme halls and 3 featured areas, for a total exhibition area that is expected to exceed 100,000 square meters within 3 years.

SANG Ying, executive chairman of China Beauty Expo – Shanghai and general manager of China Beauty Expo – Hangzhou, formally stated the position and detailed plans of CBE Hangzhou, and the five “innovations” that defines “Inno-Beauty”.

Innovative Domestic Brands & Trendy Products

After more than 40 years of development, domestic brands has gradually found their own characteristics and moved on from imitation learning. More and more domestic brands have increased investment in scientific research to protect their uniqueness and quality of products. Meanwhile, with the improvement of product quality, the self-confidence of domestic brands has been greatly enhanced, and frequent innovations in the field of content marketing and scientific communication have promoted the beauty market to set off a domestic beauty tide.

Based on that trend, CBE have invited a group of trendy beauty brands with strong vitality, strong growth and products of quality, influence and reputation through data evaluation and channel research through strict selection criteria to settle in the CBE Hangzhou “Domestic Brands”, helping to guide domestic beauty brands to the “new future”.

Innovative Imports & Traffic

Imported products account for half of the domestic beauty market and are the category that attracts a lot of attention and search volume in both the consumer goods market and the channel market.

CBE Hangzhou, together with global resources accumulated through 27 editions of CBE and the international influence of its parent company – Informa, selects high-quality imported products that meet the current development needs of China’s beauty market from more than 40 countries and regions around the world, including France, Germany, Spain, Switzerland, Spain, Japan, and South Korea, etc. to build new connections with the China market through domestic and regional buyer groups and brand headquarters participation in the exhibition.

The “Selected Imports” hall of CBE Hangzhou will introduce international beauty products and create implementation strategies through new traffic to help beauty imports enter the China market.

Innovative Science & Technology

Technological innovation has become a new trend in the beauty industry. It is regarded as a core element for cosmetics brands, and act as a key engine for high-quality development in supply chains.

Based on CBE’s high standards and the demand from buyers, CBE Hangzhou will introduce supply chain companies that have both scientific research capabilities and innovation, that can provide customized production in the “Technological Innovation” area – “Innovative Raw Materials & Customized OEM” and “Selected Packaging, Intelli-Equipment” halls. Supply chain companies includes efficacy raw materials, customized OEM, innovative packaging, intelli-factories, intelli-machinery, etc., all of which will help push China cosmetics industry to become a technological power.

Innovative Channel & Resources

With the rise of the KOL economy, KOL channels has developed rapidly into one of the mainstream channels of beauty, and has become a way for many domestic brands to break through.

CBE has observed that more and more emerging channels are acquiring beauty resources through the CBE platform, and at the same time,  building a healthier and orderly channel ecology with the CBE platform.

In order to better connect brands to emerging channels, and promote a healthy development of these channels, CBE has launched the “Influencer” project, aimed to build a beauty arena consists of high-quality beauty fashion MCN institutions, beauty vertical content creators, short video beauty experts, and beauty industry big names.

CBE Hangzhou will gather 5,000+ influencers for the  “Influencer” project, and will showcase the “CBE Influencer Festival” during the show. By combining the themed exhibition, on-site conferences, influencers live streaming to their followers online, CBE Hangzhou aims to bring brands and influencers closer and achieve a win-win ecology. 

Innovative Link & Efficiency

As a key project of China Beauty Expo, CBE Hangzhou will bring insight into the latest trends and needs of the beauty industry, and link resources together with “Efficiency and Accuracy”, in a new city full of potential.

2024 CBE Hangzhou will utilize CBE GoCloud, an online trading platform that have been in service for over 4 years, combining that with the huge CBE buyers database accumulated throughout the years, to welcome more than 100,000 professional visitors on-site for trade negotiations and direct procurement needs. 

CBE Hangzhou will utilize its professional service team to provide a more personalized experience, 1 to 1 customer service chats, precision matchmaking, customized arrangements and other services for professional buyers and exhibitors, both online and offline, to a more efficient and convenient way to connect.