SEP 11-12, 2024

From head to toe, fragrance does not miss a single spot

● More scented and lasting. The “olfactory economy” represented by fragrance is sweeping the market;​
● High-end shampoo and hair care products with a price tag of over RMB 120 are growing rapidly, and the consumption of high-end hair care products above RMB 120 on Tmall platform has accounted for nearly 40%;
● Hair washing and care has entered the 4.0 era, scalp pre-washing, hair cleaning, scalp care, hair care, hair dyeing & styling are becoming more fine-tuned.
● Body care category has expanded into more than 20 sub-categories including body lotion/cream, scrub cream, hair removal cream, shower gel, neck cream, and anti-mite soap.

Consumer demand dictates market changes.

With the upgraded concept of consumption, cleansing and care products have changed from daily necessities to important embellishments of life. We want to smell better, be fine-tuned, more romantic, and feel luxurious.  This is an era where every body part needs its own message!

01. Overdose on Fragrance

“Coconut” “Orange Blossom” “Ocean”…

According to the 2021 Trend Report on Shampoo and Hair Care Category released by CBNData and Tmall Hair Care Industry, 3 of the TOP 6 search terms in the shampoo category were related to the olfactory sensation from September of last year to February of this year. 

How “obsessed” are consumers with fragrances?

Data shows that sales of fragrance washing and care market increased by more than 7 times from 2017 to 2020. More and more brands are paying more attention to the olfactory economy and entering the fragrance washing sector.

The white musk’s sense of peace, the freshness of a grapefruit, and the temptation of sea salt… By introducing fragrance into daily cleansing products, Amino Acid Shower Foam, launched by KASE, a new fragrance beauty care brand, it adds a layer of spiritual enjoyment to the bath, and gives modern women a sense of individuality and emotional release. 

Adolph, who has been deeply engaged in high-end fragrance washing and caring sector for many years, has also won the favor of many consumers with its unique “essential oil 5 sense fragrance” and “taste of love”.

Rever, a new brand of POLYVOLY that has successfully created the brand triptych of lune, focuses on multi-sensory enjoyment and aromatic-oriented healing effects. It regards the brand flagship store of large-scale high-end shopping malls as its main channels to better achieve consumer interactive experience with fragrance as the medium.

02. More categories to extend coverage

In the era of washing and care 1.0, a typical bathroom is only equipped with “shampoo + soap” as a standard. However, as we enter washing and care 4.0 era dominated by Generation Z’s consumption, the care of hair, scalp and other body parts has kept up with facial care, with continuous expansion of other bathroom products.

In terms of hair washing and care, products are subdivided with specific functions in scalp cleaning, care, repair, anti-hair loss, hair styling, dyeing, hair quality management and so on.

Rookie SPES continues to occupy the top praise list of deep cleaning shampoo on Tmall platform in August. What helped such good performance is the sea salt shampoo that focuses on improving the health of the scalp with a facial-level care concept. Relevant data shows that SPES has driven the sales of shampoo category with sequential grow of more than 1700%, creating the fastest growing shampoo track.

Statistics also shows that body care are being divided into more than 20 sub-categories, such as body lotion & cream, scrub cream, depilation cream, shower gel, neck cream, acarid soap and so on. From this year’s sales data of JD 618, it can be seen that the emerging products have the fastest growing categories.