SEP 11-12, 2024

2022 Beauty Insights – 5th Edition

During this year’s Double 11, the total GMV of beauty products on Tmall platform reached 42 billion yuan, and the sales volume exceeded 200 million. The cumulative GMV of TOP20 brands exceeded 19.1 billion yuan, and the GMV of TOP5 brands exceeded 1.3 billion.

The Japanese brand BRANDFREE officially entered China in November 2022 after gaining momentum for three years. This professional salon-level hair care brand with minimalist design has accumulated a large number of fans through cross-border channels.

On November 10, the skin care brand “Topicals” from the United States announced that it has received $10 million in financing, which will be used to increase inventory, increase brand awareness and recruiting. The round was led by Cavu Consumers Partners, which also invested in Hims & Hers, body care brand Nécessaire and supplement brand Vital Proteins.

According to the “Wall Street Journal” and other foreign media reports, Estee Lauder will acquire luxury brand Tom Ford for US$2.8 billion (about 19.9 billion yuan).  The deal would also be the largest in Estée Lauder’s history, surpassing its $1 billion increase in DECIEM, the parent company of The Ordinary, in 2021.

Shiseido announced that Kentaro Fujiwara, CEO of Shiseido China, will be promoted to President and Chief Operating Officer of Shiseido Group. In 2015, he was the general manager of Shiseido China, and in 2017, he was the president of Shiseido China. During the few years when Kentaro was in charge of China, Shiseido China has had many highlights. From 2016 to January-September 2022, the total sales in China was 67 billion yuan, making it the second largest market for Shiseido in the world.

It was reported on November 9 that skin care products such as hand creams and face creams have become hot-selling products in autumn and winter. Data from retail platform Meituan shows that since October, orders for affordable hand creams from domestic brands have increased by 129% month-on-month and 52% year-on-year; face creams have increased by 58% month-on-month and 154% year-on-year. , Tianjin, Chengdu and Guangzhou became the major sales volume.

On November 7, China Customs announced the import and export customs data for October. According to customs statistics, in the first 10 months of this year, my country’s total import and export value reached 34.62 trillion yuan, an increase of 9.5% over the same period last year. Among them, exports were 19.71 trillion yuan, an increase of 13%, and imports were 14.91 trillion yuan, an increase of 5.2%. %, the trade surplus was 4.8 trillion yuan, an increase of 46.7%.

Specifically, in October this year, my country’s total import and export value reached 3.55 trillion yuan, an increase of 6.9% over the same period last year. Among them, exports were 2.07 trillion yuan, an increase of 7%, imports were 1.48 trillion yuan, an increase of 6.8%, and the trade surplus was 586.81 billion yuan, an increase of 7.6%.

On November 11, Atour was successfully listed on Nasdaq, opened 40.9% higher at US$15.5, and rose by more than 45% during the session, becoming the “first stock in China’s new accommodation economy”. As of the close of the first day of listing, Atour rose 17.09% to US$12.88, with a total market value of US$1.68 billion.

Domestic cross-border fast fashion giant SHEIN has officially hired Tang Wei, a former Bear Stearns investment banker, as its executive vice chairman to promote the IPO process.  SHEIN was established in 2008. Its main business is to sell cheap clothing, beauty and lifestyle products online, and to predict user needs and seasonal fashion trends through big data. At present, the brand has 5000-6000 new SKUs every day. It is reported that SHEIN will open its first permanent store in Tokyo, Japan on November 13, officially laying out the offline market.