MAY 22-24, 2024

2022 Beauty Insights – 3rd Edition

According to Grand View Research data, the global collagen market will reach 17.258 billion USD in 2022 and is expected to reach 22.622 billion USD in 2027, with a compound annual growth rate of 5.42%.  Among them, the medical and health field is the main growth segment of the global collagen market in the future. The market size of collagen used in medical and health care is expected to reach 11.117 billion US dollars in 2027.

Lila, founder of Wormhole said: “On Douyin, the growth rate of beauty tools is very fast this year, with more subcategories.  From January to July 2022, it can be seen from the sales of makeup/perfume/beauty tools that the sales growth of beauty tools is around 150% month-on-month, even higher than eye/lip/face makeup.

French niche perfume brand Parfums de Marly (the fragrance of Mary) is on the market to be sold, and its owner Julien Sprecher is considering the decision and is not sure whether a deal will be reached. Parfums de Marly was founded in 2009, and its products sell for over 300 euros (about 2,100 yuan). According to people familiar with the matter, the price of the company may reach at least 500 million euros (about 3.5 billion yuan).  Parfums de Marly has about 1,000 distribution points around the world, and in 2021, sales reached 177 million euros (about 1.2 billion yuan).

Blue-Touch, a maker of baby skincare, toiletries and cleaning products from Fuzhou, Fujian, filed for an IPO with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission to raise up to $24 million in an initial public offering. As of December 31, 2021, Blue-Touch revenue was approximately 6.66 million USD, a year-on-year increase of 114.91%. Revenue from its baby skincare and toiletries was approximately 3.29 million USD, or 49.47% of total revenue.

At present, China has become the second largest beauty market in the world after the United States. According to Euromonitor, European and American brands occupy the top position, such as L’Oreal and Procter & Gamble, with a market share of around 10%, and they are always in the first echelon. However, with the rise of the national tide in recent years, the status of domestic brands has risen. During the March 8th Festival in 2022, the content popularity of domestic beauty brands on the Weibo platform has surpassed that of international brands.

Recently, Sanjiv Mehta, CEO of Unilever India, said that the Indian subsidiary currently accounts for about 10.7% of Unilever Group’s sales, and will surpass the United States to become Unilever’s largest market by sales. India is already Unilever’s largest market in terms of sales.  it is expected that the Indian beauty market will exceed 230 billion yuan by 2023, with a compound annual growth rate of 8.1%. While the US is expected to grow at a CAGR of 4.4% in 2020-2023, the Indian beauty market is growing almost twice as fast as the US.

On October 12, Elon Musk, the internet celebrity with more than 100 million followers released a fragrance called “Burnt Hair” on his personal Twitter, and shouted, “Please come and buy it, so I can acquire Twitter.” It is reported that the fragrance, launched by Musk’s Boring Company, has a ruby-like design and is priced at $100 per bottle. The slogan is “The Essence of Repugnant Desire”.  In just a few hours since the pre-sale opened, 10,000 bottles of this fragrance have been sold, with sales of about 1 million US dollars (about 7.17 million yuan). Less than a day after the pre-sale opened, Musk tweeted 20,000 bottles had been sold.

Forma Brands (formerly Morphe Holdings), the parent company of internet beauty retailer Morphe, is considering filing for bankruptcy or other options, according to WWD news.  General Atlantic acquired a 60% stake in Morphe in 2019. In addition to Morphe, Forma’s brand lineup includes beauty brands including Morphe 2, Jaclyn Cosmetics, Such Good Everything and Playa Beauty.  When General Atlantic came in, the business was high and profitable — Morphe reportedly had about $500 million in net sales and about $130 million in EBITDA at the time of the investment. But in the years that followed, the pandemic and supply chain issues had a huge impact on the business.

According to Luxe.Co, USHOPAL, a Chinese high-end beauty brand management company, recently announced that it has acquired British high-end skin care brand ARgENTUM for an undisclosed transaction amount.

According to data, Douyin makeup has recently returned to its high growth state before the epidemic: from May to July, the sales of Douyin makeup products gradually recovered to about 1.8 billion, and the number of sales returned to 50 million units.  Among them, the performance of facial makeup is far ahead, with GMV reaching 1.062 billion in August, accounting for 88.5% of the Douyin makeup market; and there are two major makeup brands , Fangli and Pineapple.