MAY 22-24, 2024

2024 Beauty Insights- 3rd Edition

The China Bureau of Statistics released data on retail sales of consumer goods in December. In December, the total retail sales of consumer goods was 4,355 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 7.4%; from January to December, the total retail sales of consumer goods was 47,149.5 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 7.2%. Among them, in […]

2024 Beauty Insights- 2nd Edition

The National Immigration Administration has officially implemented five measures to facilitate foreigners coming to China from January 11, further opening up relevant ways for foreign nationals to come to China for business, study and tourism。The five measures include: 1. Relaxation of conditions for foreigners coming to China to apply for port visa; 2. Foreigners can […]

May 22-24, 2024 | Mark your Calendar for China Beauty Expo 2024!

Visitor Pre-registration for the 28th China Beauty Expo-Shanghai (28th CBE Shanghai) is officially online. Scan to register and receive a FREE admission ticket. Scan to Register Ticket Purchasing Guide 1.Visitors must complete all steps of pre-registration before 4pm, May 21, 2024 to receive a free ticket; 2.After 4pm, May 21, 2024 to 2pm, May 24, […]

2024 Beauty Insights- 1st Edition

On January 2, Thai Prime Minister Seta Ta announced that China and Thailand will permanently exempt visas for each other’s citizens starting in March. At a press conference held by the Chinese Foreign Ministry on January 2, Foreign Ministry spokesman Wang Wenbin said that further strengthening of cultural exchanges between China and Thailand and mutual visa […]

2023 Beauty Insights- 16th Edition

L’Oréal Groupe Australia and New Zealand recently announced a significant initiative to bolster coral restoration in the Great Barrier Reef through a substantial investment in the Great Barrier Reef Foundation (GBRF). This marks the sixth commitment by L’Oréal to coral reef regeneration, highlighting its dedication to biodiversity. According to Grand View Research, the global men’s grooming products market, valued […]

2023 Beauty Insights- 15th Edition

Cancer Council Sunscreen and Vitality Brands recently introduced professional golfer Adam Scott as the official Brand Ambassador for their summer sunscreen range. In this role, Scott will lead a call-to-action campaign across media platforms, actively promoting the new Men’s Hydrating Sunscreen SPF50+. In a prestigious celebration of global innovation, the Global Beauty & Wellness Awards recently […]

2023 Beauty Insights – 14th Edition

In a strategic move to bolster its research and development capabilities, L’Oréal has successfully finalised the acquisition of Lactobio, a prominent probiotic and microbiome research company headquartered in Copenhagen. This acquisition underscores L’Oréal’s commitment to advancing its understanding of the microbiome and fortifying its leadership position in this specialised field after two decades of dedicated research. […]

The Color Cosmetics Market Ushers in “Critical Period”

Dopamine, Girl Crush, Y2K, Maillard… This year, the color cosmetics market is awash with a variety of styles.The color cosmetics market is leaping from “recovery” to “growth” after going through a painful retrenchment. According to Euromonitor’s forecast, the size of China’s color cosmetics market will reach RMB 111.3 billion by 2028, with an average annual growth rate of […]

2023 Beauty Insights-13th Edition

On  November 24, China foreign ministry spokesman Mao Ning announced that in order to promote  higher quality development between China and foreign countries, China has decided to implement visa-free policy for the following six countries including France, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Spain, and Malaysia. From December 1, 2023 to November 30, 2024, ordinary passport holders from the six countries […]

2023 Beauty Insights-12th Edition

Luxury fragrance retailer Libertine Parfumerie has unveiled its flagship store in Paddington, Sydney.  This 15-year dream turned reality offers fragrance enthusiasts a unique haven on Oxford Street, easily accessible from popular shopping destinations and Glenmore Road. The Japanese cosmetics giant continues its development in Asia. Like other cosmetics brands, Shiseido is banking on the growth potential of the […]