Beyond Beauty Trends, Cooperating with Centdegrés

Centdegrés created a club so that “thinkers” and “doers” can meet each other to share, exchange and learn from one another. Amongst the many consultants working for various brands, some are more “thinkers” and other “doers”. centdegrés positions itself at the intersection of these paths, and together with CBE we have the ideal platform to gather the best of the beauty industry. Both able to think the future of brands as well as to creatively transform these ideas, TFDWClubs are a fusion of “think” and “do”.  On May 22 and 23, centdegrés and CBE will host a total of 4 TFDWClubs, to debate on various topics that will make the new trends of the beauty market of tomorrow.

May 22 - 23, 2018  @SNIEC E4 M25