Notice: China Beauty Expo 2020 and Supply World 2020 Postponed

Dear Participants,

Exhibition organizers Shanghai Baiwen Exhibitions Co. Ltd, an Informa Markets business, has taken the decision to postpone China Beauty Expo 2020 (CBE), Supply World 2020 and all concurrent events held at Shanghai New International Exhibition Centre (SNIEC). The event was originally scheduled for 19-21 May.

This difficult but necessary decision to postpone the event was made in tandem with extensive input from key participants, associations, and stake holder. In light of COVID-19, several international companies are unable to participate given country lockdowns and travel restrictions both at the government level and at company mandate level for major brands and suppliers. Furthermore, we understand that the continued uncertainty on the ability of exhibitions to take place in the month of May in Shanghai adds additional stress and concern for our exhibitors. Combined with the beauty retail industry’s slow pickup, altogether these factors contributed to the decision to postpone the event to a later date which will allow normality and confidence to return to the marketplace, ease travel restrictions, and provide all-around better conditions for exhibitors and visitors to engage.

We are working diligently with venue organizers in Shanghai and will update all participants as soon as possible when new dates are secured. We will ensure proper timing and communication for all participants in order for you to plan accordingly.

Meanwhile in order to help exhibitors, suppliers, and buyers during this outbreak, the CBE team also maintains several regional opportunities to conduct business, develop new products, and aid in restoring the marketing place. These events to be held from May to December includes:

• CBE National Regional Tour (Five Provinces of Central Plains in China)

• CBE National Regional Tour (Five Northwestern Provinces in China)

• CBE National Regional Tour (Five Southwestern Provinces in China)

• CBE Beauty Supply Chain Summit (Guangzhou, China)

• CBE International Design Conference (Hangzhou, China)

• SCBE South China Beauty Expo (Shenzhen, China)

• CCBE Chengdu Beauty Expo (Chengdu, China)

• CCA ASEAN Beauty Expo (Bangkok, Thailand)

• CBE Live Streaming all-year-round

We will be in contact with you as well regarding these opportunities in more detail.

We wish to thank those who participate and support CBE 2020. We greatly appreciate your patience and understanding and we apologize for any inconvenience this postponement may incur. Our sole focus remains to provide events of enhanced quality, with more exhibitors and qualified trade buyers to make your participation a huge success. Together, we will come through this challenging time and contribute to the resilience and strength of the beauty industry!

Should you have any questions or concerns,

please contact the CBE team at: Yours faithfully,


The CBE & SUPPLY WORLD organizing committee

March 30, 2020