Supply World, an influential event of CBE 2020

Supply World, an influential event of CBE 2020 with an unprecedented scale and distinctive features.


From May 19 to 21, 2020, a game-changing event for the beauty industry, powered by technological advances, will be unveiled.


As one of the main themes of CBE, Supply World is the world’s largest beauty supply chain platform, showcasing technological strength of cosmetic manufacturers.


Behind the quality of cosmetics is the fierce competition for advanced technologies. China has become one of the benchmarks in the world in terms of developing technologies for cosmetics. In the context of ongoing technological innovations in the beauty industry, COSMETECH 2020 is a must-visit event carefully curated by CBE, who has undergone a facelift to better drive innovation.


Supply World 2020 will bring in enterprises and products that falls into 36 sub-categories within the 5 major categories, including packaging, OEM/ODM/OBM, machinery & equipment, ingredients and raw materials. With state-of-the-art technological resources from both domestic and abroad, it facilitates exchanges among different parties, and boosts better and more rapid technological development. COSMETECH not only provides a platform for cosmetics suppliers to communicate and showcase brands but also advises on future market trends.


CBE never ceases at innovating and improving. With 6 major halls, 5 new theme outdoor halls, and over 30 seminars of more than 300 hours focusing on supply topics, we can’t wait to lift the mysterious veil of COSMETECH 2020.


An Unprecedented Fleet 

The World’s Largest Cosmetics Supply Exhibition with an Area of 100,000 Square Meters

As the world’s largest exhibition spanning the supply chain of daily chemicals, COSMETECH 2020 will bring together more than 1,500 exhibitors from 20 countries and regions across the world to cover the entire supply chain, showcasing enterprises and products that falls into 36 sub-categories within the 5 major categories, including packaging, OEM/ODM/OBM, machinery & equipment, ingredients, and raw materials. With an exhibition area of 100,000 square meters, 6 major halls and 5 outdoor halls with different themes, it will undoubtedly present the most powerful fleet of the cosmetics supply chain.


N2 - International Pavilions, OEM/ODM

N3 - Machinery & Equipment

N4 - Premium & Makeup Packaging

N6 - Advanced Science & Innovation

N7 - IP Licensing x Makeup Manufacture

N8 - International Design Hall

W4 - International Pavilion, Packaging

W5 - Packaging

W10 - Creative Packaging

W11 - Premium OEM

Featuring top domestic and international suppliers, it gives visitors an invaluable opportunity to see firsthand the competition of technological advances between the world’s top manufacturers and how they help push the Chinese cosmetics industry to new heights.

New “Blood”:Brand-new Exhibition Halls Launch for the First Time
Driven by consumption upgrades and massive industrial changes, the Chinese cosmetics industry is at a turning point, where innovation is urgently needed. 


As a leader in the cosmetics industry, CBE has always committed to boosting innovations and looking for new possibilities. In 2020, COSMETECH will launch four new exhibition halls, N7, N8, W10 and W11, to present the latest technological trends in cosmetics.


Aimed to capture the latest trends in the upstream of the beauty industry and identifying new possibilities for technological innovation, CBE has carefully curated specially themed exhibition halls that will inspire new innovations throughout the entire industrial chain. Here, we present you with all that you want to see.

Highlight 1:IP Licensing & Cosmetics Manufacturing 

In recent years, the IP economy in China has taken off. With distinctive images, unique cultural characteristics, large fan bases, and strong profitability, IPs have become attractive to all industries. Almost all brands hope to make the most of the unique attributes of popular IPs to establish emotional bonds with their consumers, differentiate brands, improve competitiveness and achieve win-win results.

It’s without a doubt that a larger number of cosmetics brands will utilize IPs to empower themselves. Consumers of the younger generation are willing to splash money on what they truly love. What’s increasingly obvious is that various forms of entertainment and games are being integrated into cosmetics. IPs from other sectors help cosmetics manufacturers to communicate their brand stories in the language that young people prefer.

How can IPs be deeply combined with the beauty industry? In 2020, CBE will present N7 IP Licensed Cosmetics Manufacturing, which will be characterized by online visibility, offline exhibition and immersive experience to ensure interaction. It will focus on three major elements of licensing, IP resources, procurement & acquisition, and self-owned brands in order to facilitate deep bonding of quality IPs with cosmetics brands and manufacturers to encourage crossover products.

In addition to the area showcasing the new ecology of cosmetics manufacturing, N7 will also include a crossover lab, IP licensing forums, and many other exciting activities.  To learn about successful practices and the latest trends, please come to N7 to join us in re-defining the value of cosmetics products.  

Highlight 2:Design Is Power 
In an era when people look for individuality, competition is even tougher for cosmetics manufacturers. As a good appearance can bring about opportunities, packaging can truly empower cosmetics.  An appealing look is an important step for brands to focus on.  As a result, the packaging industry needs to keep up with the times and introduce creative designs for better growth. 


For 2020, CBE has carefully created a new exhibition hall, N8 International Design, to fuel further growth of cosmetics with creative designs and ensure a perfect balance between fashion and technological development. This hall, together with N7 IP Licensed Beauty Manufacturing Museum and N4 Premium & Makeup Packaging, will form a powerful design platform in the eastern wing of the exhibition center and present the best possible packaging solutions with exquisite design. The three halls, appealing to quality buyers from different parts of the world, are sure to be an eye-catching highlight of the event.


Organized by CBE and 8am Branding, the Premium Packaging – Big Design Trends Exhibition will be in its 6th edition. Formerly located in Hall N4, it will be moved to Hall N8.  It is a must attend event at CBE  revealing new packaging trends of 2020.


W10 Creative Packaging will focus on displaying the best possible packaging designs from all over the world. CBE will partner with Brilliant Award, the most prestigious award in the world for packaging design, top design institutes from Europe, international design firms and representatives to announce awards on improving the quality of packaging to achieve symbiosis between packages and brands.


Meanwhile, CBE is committed to discover new designers for the packaging industry to encourage the development of packaging design for cosmetics products in China. At the 25th exhibition, CBE will cooperate with well-known international design firms, leading packaging manufacturers and the top ten design schools in China to hold the 2020 China Cosmetics Packaging Design Competition to look for young designers to boost the development of cosmetics packaging design.


W10 is situated at the entrance to the northern hall of Shanghai New International Expo Center, a good location to attract a lot of buyers. It forms a triangle with the two established packaging material halls W4 and W5, and is sure to appeal to buyers and generate direct purchase orders.


In 2020, what cosmetics design innovations will be present at CBE to excite the industry? 


Highlight 3:Sustainable Development Is the Ultimate Key

Sustainable development is not just a trend; rather, it is an action that must be taken to introduce game-changing models for this industry.


In 2020, CBE will focus on sustainable development by highlighting sustainable raw materials, energy-efficient and environmentally-friendly manufacturing processes and recycling of packaging materials to imbue the concept of “green” into every aspect of COSMETECH.


Eco-friendly cosmetics and raw materials are major market trends, which has its own challenges. N6 Innovative Technologies & Materials will be restructured to feature a special area for sustainable development showcasing a whole range of offerings from natural raw materials and formulas to finished products.  Eminent formula designers will also be at the exhibition area to demonstrate expertise and explain details about natural raw materials, formulas, safety evaluation, and testing to inspire visitors’ passion for learning. 

Highlight 4:Premium Manufacturing Comes on Stage
According to the data released by the National Bureau of Statistics, Chinese consumers’ spending on premium cosmetics is expected to grow at a rate of 8.8% in the next five years. By 2021, the percentage of high-end cosmetics will increase to 24%.


To meet consumers’ needs for high quality, customization and provide both established and emerging brands with quality manufacturers, the 25th CBE will partner with OEM, ODM and OBM service providers to showcase the latest production processes, R&D results, high-end customization solutions.


High-end manufacturing ensures high-end products. For 2020, W11 Premium OEM will bring together high-end manufacturers from all over the world and invite discussions on manufacturing technologies and the development of the industry. 


High-end manufacturing is exclusively for high-end buyers. W11 lies at the entrance to the northern hall of Shanghai New International Expo Center, ideally positioned inside the inner square to attract buyers. It forms a triangle with the two established OEM exhibition halls N1 and N2, and is sure to appeal to a large number of trade buyers.


The Most “In” Trend:Unlocking New Opportunities for the Industry

At the COSMETECH 2020 International Cosmetics Technology Conference, over 30 seminars and more than 300 hours will be devoted to exploring a wide variety of topics on the 36 sub-categories of the 5 major categories.  Topics such as the latest laws and regulations, research trends, inspections and tests, the latest packaging materials and technologies, design trends, and intelligent manufacturing, will be discussed comprehensively and profoundly to seek out any problems and resolutions, present and future growth, as well as sustainable development.

2020 International Cosmetic Technology Conference
2020 International Cosmetic Technology Conference created by China Beauty Expo (CBE) is a world-leading platform for the introduction of new technologies and for the applications of R&D results in China. It is intended to be a technological innovation window for the world to understand China and an arena for China to be integrated into the rest of the world.


This annual international event for cutting-edge technologies will combine top-notch technological innovation resources and facilitate technological exchanges amongst all parties. As an influential platform, CBE will help accelerate technological development and usher in another booming decade for the cosmetics industry.


2020 Meiyi Technology Award

In 2020, the 6th edition of the Meiyi Technology Award will take on a new look. Of the 1,500 suppliers invited, 221 outstanding companies will be hand-picked for evaluation, from which 40 products/technologies will be chosen. Using criteria of innovativeness, technological strength, eco-friendliness/sustainability and market recognition, the best product/technology in each category will be decided through the combination of online voting, brand enterprise and expert evaluation.


During the 25th CBE, award-winning products and technologies at the Meiyi Technology Award will be showcased at the Meiyi Technology Awards Gallery at the northern registration hall and the N1 Gallery at the northern registration hall. Winners with exceptional technologies and products in categories such as raw materials and formulas, R&D, packaging and machinery & equipment will be awarded at the 2020 International Cosmetics Technology Forum. 

N6 and AS&I Forums
N6 Innovative Technologies & Raw Materials, one of the most futuristic and popular exhibition halls thoroughly developed by CBE, will feature global giants, leading innovators and professional forums on technology. There, you can learn about R&D secrets from big raw material suppliers and identify new inspirations to empower further development of your brand.


AS&I (Advanced Science & Innovation) forums will focus on top raw material companies, cosmetics giants, authoritative research institutes, industry associations, government agencies, in releasing important plans highlighting “internationalism, innovativeness, naturalness, sustainability, etc…”


There will also be more than 30 special events during CBE 2020, including the Technology and Branding Cosmetics Processing and Manufacturing Symposium, the Innovative Packaging Technology Trend Forum, the Most “In” Packaging Experience Area, the College Students’ Cosmetics Packaging Design Competition, the Cosmetics Packaging and OEM/ODM Technology Forum, the Industry 4.0 Intelligent Manufacturing, which are expected to shape the trends and dynamics of the cosmetics industry and inspire greater passion for technological development.