It's about time


After three years of COVID-ZERO strategy, China finally announces the opening of its border starting January 8, 2023.  Visitors can enter China without quarantine.  All that is needed is a negative PCR result within 48 hours before departure.  Chinese health authorities have decided to rename the term "novel coronavirus pneumonia" to "novel coronavirus infection", and downgrade the management of the disease from category A to category B. 

The downgrade means that infected cases will no longer be put in isolation and their close contacts will no longer be tracked.  Authorities have further added that it will facilitate visa applications for those keen to travel to China for various purposes, such as business, studies, family reunions etc.  It's still unclear if that will include tourist visas. 

Reports also state that limits on the number of international flights between China and the rest of the world will also be scrapped.  China Beauty Expo 2023 is scheduled to take place from May 12-14 in Shanghai China.  Whether you are an exhibitor who's been absent from the China market for the past 3 years or a buyer who is eager for more procurement, now is the time to plan that trip.