Sizzling Latest Products

50,000+ trade leads, millions of platform visits, opportunity to see the latest products of the year are all here.
June 22nd to 24th, CBE’s Latest Products Event had over 10,000+ new beauty products from around the world.

With the support of the beauty industry, the Latest Products event by CBE GoCloud in June achieved remarkable results. In just 3 days, CBE GoCloud platform received close to 1 million visits, and over 50,000 trade leads.

At the same time, the GoCloud platform is under constant upgrades, providing new ways for exhibitors to display their products and conduct businesses.


Sang Ying, China Beauty Virtual Expo chairman expressed:
Since the launch of CBE GoCloud in May this year, the platform has received strong support and active participation from the entire beauty industry.  The first edition in May gave audience a glance at a feasible virtual expo, followed by another successful June edition which brought the latest products onto the market, creating much needed values virtually.     

Digitalization and virtual services are a long-term and continuous process, and the integration of online and offline world is the trend of the future.  CBE aims to integrate all of its offline resources to drive its virtual platform while also empowering its offline business with its virtual assets.  CBE is here to usher in a new era of development in the beauty industry. Great potential and excitement lies ahead for years to come.


From June 22nd to 24th, the CBE GoCloud Latest Products of June event reached 987,600 visits, all the while adding a total of 52,063 trade leads.

Concurrent cloud summits, CBE New Retailing Exploring, CBE Beauty Industry New Ecology, CBE Growth in the Supply Chain, welcomed 49 industry leaders to share their in-depth view. 62 companies with high-quality new products were chosen to be showcased on this edition of the event.   

If product is the foundation, then technology is the core. Following the successful June’s Latest Products event, CBE GoCloud is preparing to bring you Technology July.

Since 2015, CBE has continuously advocated the concept of "developing through technology," and has promoted the rapid development of China's beauty industry in the field of technology. Today, the domestic beauty industry has shown the prosperity of "technological explosion".

CBE Technology July will invite beauty industry technology giants to interact face-to-face with scientists and KOLs and discuss the new future of technology in the industry.