All new technological beauty of 2022

China’s cosmetics industry has been developing rapidly for the last 20 years, mostly due to endless marketing methods.  As consumers become more technical about beauty products and making rational purchases, traditional marketing contents will not keep consumers engaged for long.  Beauty brands are actively seeking new ways to reach out to consumers.  Not only are the big brands researching and developing new ideas, more and more emerging brands are now promoting “science recipe,” using technology as a guarantee of product quality as a marketing tool. 

Clearly, technology has begun to empower brands and changing the way marketing is done.
As a global platform for the beauty industry, China Beauty Expo (CBE) has advocated the concept of "technology first" in the industry since 2015, constantly promoting the development of technology that can be applied to the beauty industry. 


CBE Tech-Beauty, a 10-day event, from July 26th to August 5th, will use CBE Virtual Expo to promote the launch of technological products, raw material technology, packaging technology, retail technology, etc. The event aims to help the beauty industry realize the importance of technology in products and its adaptation within the industry.


Technology empowers a new ecosystem

The CBE Tech-Beauty will focus on "technology power" and will create a page dedicated to "products that are technological"; Based on the current market trends, products and enterprises with advanced technology will be selected and highlighted. 

The CBE Virtual platform not only comprises of large numbers of hi-tech beauty products, but also brings together leading domestic and foreign companies with R&D capabilities, such as Shiseido, Jahwa, Jialan, etc. All CBE’s physical resources have been ported over to the virtual platform including raw material companies, inspection & testing institutions, and many more. 

Three special live events

The CBE Tech-Beauty will have three special live streaming events, joined by scientific research leaders within and beyond the beauty industry, and representatives of technology brands to interact and explore the development of technology in the beauty industry.


July 27-29

✦2022 Cosmetics R&D Trend Conference


August 3

✦2022 CBE Future Trend Conference


August 4-5

✦2022 CBE Beauty Technology Conference


Media Lineup + KOL to help get the word out

The CBE Tech-Beauty will continue to utilize hundreds of CBE media partners and KOLs, using digital marketing methods to help disseminate beauty technology and products to the world. 



Even though the domestic beauty industry is showing a trend of technological explosion, there is still a long way to go. Mastering core technologies and technological expansion capabilities is an important factor for the sustainable development of beauty companies, and it is also what sets apart the great ones.

Any slice of the beauty industry has the responsibility to help build a new ecosystem empowered by technology. Only with the joint efforts of the industry can real technology be transformed into productivity.

CBE Tech-Beauty will continue to integrate online and offline resources, help technological innovation and transformation, and promote the sustainable development of the beauty industry.