Latest Beauty Products on the Go

Following the first successful China Beauty Virtual Expo in May, saw an overall of 1.74 million+ visits on the platform, 71,000 trade leads and 23,800 successful matching, CBE is at it again to produce the next virtual event, bringing even more value to the beauty industry. 

The upcoming virtual event will take place from June 22-24, themed "Latest Products on the Go."  With the beauty industry on its way to recovery, newly developed products urgently need to be distributed to the public to facilitate business revival.  This event will concentrate on the latest products, newest technologies, innovative packaging and marketing breakthroughs.  The virtual expo will include product displaying, live streaming, matchmaking, conferences, and many more.  


All inclusive

There are currently 3,000 beauty companies signed up for the June event.  New products are estimated to exceed 10,000+, from 114 sub-categories and 32 main categories. Categories include skin care, masks, makeup, toiletries, baby & children care, oral care, men's care, fragrance, beauty tools, paper cotton supplies, oral care, home beauty devices, hair care,  professional makeup, supporting services, professional beauty products, nail & eyelashes, health & wellness, OEM/ODM/OBM, packaging, raw materials, etc.


3 options to connect, assisting buyers  &exhibitors in conducting business

  • New product detail page, connect instantly
    The newly introduced product detaile page will not only include product information but also act as a gateway to connect with the exhibitor.  An instant connect option is embedded within the page.
  • Demand Database, matching exact needs
    CBE Mini App Home Page includes massive amounts of demand that needs to be met.  Both buyers and exhibitors can browse or search for leads that falls under their scope.
  • CBE WeChat chat rooms, matching in real time
    After 3 years of developing WeChat buyer chat rooms, all 100+ chat rooms are now directly linked to the virtual expo demand database, pooling all resources into one area.    All needs brought up in the chat rooms will be listed on the virtual platform.


Latest Products and Content Streaming

For the "Latest Products on the Go" virtual expo on June 22-24, CBE will launch two types of live broadcasting. 
Content streaming - Leaders from enterprises, brands, supply chains, field experts, scholars, marketers, beauty professionals, 3rd party institutions,  are invited to discuss their views on what makesis consider a goodgreat productin today’s market.

Product streaming- Latest products, newest technologies, innovative packaging that are deemed worthy of attention by CBE are selected and showcased.   

Developing new products are like planting seeds, good seeds are never afraid of being covered, eventually it will unearth itself. CBE is a catalyst in the China's beauty industry, soiling the "good seeds" early and helping it to break through even faster.  Latest beauty products on the go will integrate online and offline resources to give enterprises more trade leads, prompting the rapid recovery of the beauty industry. 

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