1st China Beauty Virtual Expo, co-create industry value virtually

In order to assist companies to seize market opportunities in China, China Beauty Expo (CBE) launches its 1st edition of its virtual expo, dubbed China Beauty Virtual Expo, on May 12-14, 2022. 

China Beauty Virtual Expo is a B2B cloud platform that caters to the professional players of the beauty industry, providing services identical to the physical show and more.  The virtual expo will operate inside the WeChat APP, with Chinese being the only language of choice.  


After 3 years of development and improvements on its cloud platform, CBE has amassed a total of 1 million+ active professional buyers in its database, and a platform that facilitates easy operation.  For the first edition, the show will integrate both domestic and foreign beauty resources, welcoming 1 million + professional buyers, 100+ communities, to bring you matchmaking, themed events, virtual conferences, live streaming programs, and many more.  

The show is ready to unveil itself.  Want to know more about the event?

Here are some highlights.


Highlight 1, Demand Database, massive trade leads

--3,000 + Companies, 10,000+ domestic and foreign brands

China Beauty Virtual Expo will attract 3,000+ industry wide companies, 10,000+ domestic & foreign beauty brands, covering the whole industry. 
Utilizing WeChat's mini APP feature, communication and trading is made possible at your fingertips.  Within the APP, buyers and exhibitors can post and exchange their needs at the demand hub, conveniently finding their next business opportunity.


Highlight 2, Precise Communities, live trading needs in real time

--1 million+ active professional buyers, 100+ buyer communities

After 3 years of professional buyer search & development, CBE has consolidated few hundred thousands of needs from its 1 Million + active professional buyer database, the virtual expo will be loaded with resources for an all out trading extravaganza.  


Highlight 3, Premium Products / Latest Technologies

--Dedicated Pages, Lightning speed matching

The virtual expo will setup dedicated theme zones for easier navigation based on industry demands and trends, as well as buyers choice, CBE good brands / leading companies, CBE select products & new technologies, Japanese beauty etc. 


Highlight 4, 3 Days, Live Stream Events, Industry trends

--Content Courses, covering industry hot topics

Live streaming courses will be presented by brands, industry experts, scientists, and KOL's on product marketing, new retailing, hottest trends, latest technologies, regulation decipher, and many more.


Highlight 5, Big Data Marketing

--Multiple Social Media Platforms, enormous traffic

CBE's digital team have been promoting the virtual event on WeChat, Weibo, Douyin, Xiaohongshu etc. and is sure to stir up many interest and bring in all beauty enthusiasts, creating heavy traffic. 


China Beauty Expo is fully committed in promoting business opportunities in the virtual world and co-create industry values.