The "Meta Verse" in Hall E6

An AI smart beauty mirror will evaluate you better than a beautician, it will display your skin conditions in a matter of seconds.

You might even tap the screen to experience instant makeup results.…………

Newer technologies are introduced into the beauty sector constantly, innovating consumer experience and expanding the beauty ecosystem. 

From May 12 to 14, inside Hall E6, the future of digital intelligent store is here, taking the first step into the beauty “meta verse.” 


From May 12 to 14, inside Hall E6, the future of digital intelligent store is here, taking the first step into the beauty “meta verse.” 


01. Experimental area gathering technologies

Decentralized online traffic makes it even more difficult to improve conversion efficiency, and offline stores are still recovering from the epidemic. Under this context, brands and stores desperately need a jolt to boost consumption.

New technologies being a key component.

Scene-based technological experience is becoming an important method to attract post-90s and even generation Zs. With beauty + AI, beauty + AR and other newer advancements, instruments with skin measurement and virtual makeup test functions are becoming a new standard for offline stores.


In order to find the middle ground in connecting exhibitors and visitors in a simple setting, the 27th CBE innovatively creates a digital intelligence store experience area in Hall E6. Centering on four cores; "technology + digital intelligence + marketing + experience!"


Area Highlights

⭐Trending technology
Cutting-edge digital technology, incorporating technology into beauty

⭐Frontline marketingNew business model based on consumer communication, with new operation trend and development vision

⭐Store AssistanceIntelligent interactive experience, explore effective ways to gain store traffic, provide intelligent display showcase and membership system

⭐Digital intelligent experienceVirtual display, holographic experience, intelligent interaction and almost real connection


Exhibitor Highlights

⭐Store systems
Sales system, membership system, distribution order system and payment system

⭐Interactive experienceAR virtual makeup test, AI skin detection, holographic image, etc.

⭐Store iterationSmart stores, smart shelves, new retail scene creation, equipment live streaming, etc.

⭐Marketing planningAdvertising agencies, design firms, TP/DP service providers, digital media


02 Interactive Area+Event= Beauty Meta Verse

There are 6 blocks in total, including interactive experience area, virtual booth, system supporting service area, marketing live streaming area, smart store upgrade and future platform.

6 Interactive Blocks



In addition, on the future platform, two series of theme activities, including product launch and industry knowledge sharing, will be planned.

The three-day display will stimulate the borderless innovation of new retail in a richer form of communication.


5 Value Empowerment

The special area of digital intelligence store is waiting for you

⭐Immersive experience: break through the traditional display and create an all-round immersive experience

⭐Special topics planning: focus on the hottest value of the industry and lead the new trend of the industry

⭐Targeted buyer: access to CBE's premium buyer lineup

⭐Industrywide Knowledge Dissemination : CBE industrywide marketing network matrix 

⭐Resource empowerment: enjoy global industry chain resources of CBE