Now that’s what we call packaging

According to a survey conducted by the American market research organization NPC, when wearing masks has become a daily routine in the epidemic era, fragrance has picked up the market share blocked by the masks. 

The Global Perfume Industry Analysis Report released by the Forward Industry Research Institute predicts that the perfume market in China will maintain a compound annual growth rate of about 15% between 2018 and 2024. By 2022, the market size is expected to exceed RMB 40 billion. The "perfume effect" is taking over the "lipstick effect".

Different from other cosmetic products, in terms of perfume, its packaging design has become an important pursuit for many perfume shoppers. In the world of perfume awards, FIFI, known as the Oscar in the perfume industry, would choose the "Best Packaging Design" separately based on multi-dimensional performance when it selects the best perfume.

It is no exaggeration to say that the designer's creativity and the ingenuity of the engineer's craftsmanship are fully reflected in the perfume packaging.


#01 Zen Organic

This group of perfume packaging follows the concept of "ZEN", with natural characteristics of the fragrance, and also organic shape containers.  Among them, organic shapes such as shells, stones, bamboo, etc. are all imitation objects made from textured plastic. 

By Igor Mitin


#02 Tilt base; seamless stacking

The bottle’s base is designed to be tilted at a certain angle, and the spray hose is placed at the lowest angle to avoid waste at the bottom, but the bottles are not inclined when placed separately, because the outer layer still extends vertically, which makes each bottle look unique individually and does not violate the harmony when stacked.

By Luo Haozhen


#03 Neanderthal man; flint axe

The design of this bottle is inspired by flint of Norfolk, England. It is reported that the outermost bottle body is poured by hand. Each bottle uses NFC chip for unique numbering, and the built-in glass container is made of laser 3D printing technology.

​By Yamada Kentarou


#04 Cross gender design; unison

Designer Philip Starck was famous for product designs, industrial designs, architectural designs, and furniture designs before he set foot in the perfume arena. The design of this perfume is made up of three separate bottles, for female, male and neutral genders. The concept is to create three different independent designs, and when put together, form a perfect unison.   

By Philippe Starck


​#05 Body curve; metal

The perfume brand Nefer chose ancient Egyptian language as its source of inspiration. In Egyptian mythology, Nefertem is the owner of perfume and is often described carrying lotus, a common ingredient of ancient Egyptian perfume. The design inspiration of the metal bottle body comes from the body curve of the female image, and its different cutting textures refer to the proportion index of the human body, so that the product temperament and the femininity are perfectly matched. 

By Amr Mousa


#06 Exquisite association

John Varvatos, the father of high-end clothing style, is well versed in the aesthetic combination of simple texture and exquisite association.  For example, this dark revolution, with disorderly tangled threads, shiny black paint and streamlined bottle body, reminds people of British gentlemen with a slight classic style. The design inspiration of "art craftsman" comes from a wine bottle in the Italian antique market. The caramel rattan woven by hand gives people a warm and powerful feeling outside the bottle, and the bottle cap is made of old metal engraved with the brand’s name.

By John Varvatos


#07 White porcelain

Smooth and translucent white Chinese porcelain is matched with exquisite golden flower inlays. The design of the perfume is inspired by the perfume container on the ancient pharmacist's wooden frame. The bottle is printed with one of the animal images commonly used for brand decoration - tiger, which won the 2020 FiFi awards "Best Packaged Neutral Perfume of the Year".


** All pictures are from internet.