High Growth Basic Skin Care

Euromonitor estimates that the skin care market will reach 280.3 Billion RMB in 2023, maintaining an annual growth of more than 10%.  Among the skin care categories, masks as a basic skin care product, has received sustained attention and are widely popular with the consumers because the way various functional ingredients are able to penetrate into the skin with ease.  It is predicted that China's facial mask market will reach north of 60 Billion RMB in 2024.

#1 The Mechanism Behind Masks

Going from autumn to winter, the air becomes dry, and our skin is prone to peeling, breakouts and wrinkles. Mask has been widely welcomed by consumers because of its ease of usage and immediate results. The way masks work is by isolating the skin from the air, inhibit the evaporation of sweat, maintain sufficient nutrition and moisture of the facial skin, and enhance the elasticity and vitality of the skin.  With fully moisturized skin stratum corneum, it enhances penetration, so that the functional ingredients in the mask can effectively penetrate the skin.  Finally, mask removes the metabolites of epidermal cells, excess sebum, residual makeup, etc., as to smooth hair follicles and discharge sebum.  Based on these mechanisms, facial masks have the following functions consumers care most, moisturizing, whitening and anti-aging.


Moisturizing mask achieves the retention of the skin moisture by simulating the skin's natural moisturizing system. With the addition of oil, such as mineral oil, squalane, silicone oil, lanolin, etc., it forms a closed film on the skin surface and delay the evaporation of skin moisture.

The whitening mask targets the melanin that determines the color of the skin. It inhibits the proliferation of melanocytes through interleukin 1, interleukin 6, azelaic acid, arbutin, etc., and various other components, which interfere and inhibit the process of melanin production.

Anti-aging mask makes more comprehensive use of various ingredients to alleviate the damage of cell structure. Skin barrier function are restored by various moisturizers so as to maintain cuticle moisture.  Anti-aging products have become increasingly popularity in recent years.

#2 Technology contributes to Anti-aging Masks

The newly created blockbuster product Nano Platinum Masks by “Beiuty Lab” of BEIHAO has the advantage of not exhausting, not being oxidized, and decomposing any kind of free oxygen compared with most products on the market that use astaxanthin, VC, grape seed and other antioxidants to only target a single free oxygen. 



It is more prominent in the effects of wrinkle reduction, skin rejuvenation, brightening and moisturizing. This is the first time that nano platinum technology has been applied to mask products and this important innovation brought by BEIHAO has expanded the boundary of the mask category, creating the next profit growth point for masks.

The Caviar Essence Mask is an annual star product of RIBECS, and its anti-aging ingredient is mainly French sturgeon caviar extract and Pro-Xylane. Matched with Phytocellulose® filament mask, the skin would be more tightly wrapped. Through powerful formulas and functional membrane materials, the skin's own antioxidant capacity is fully enhanced, and the symptoms of early aging can be effectively prevented. 


Consumers' mask needs are constantly being updated, and demands are complicated more than ever. With the increase of different skin problems, brands and manufacturers are innovating new technological components, increasing efficacy, and constantly creating new and popular products.

#3 Function and Safety are a must

The White Paper on Rational Skin Care in the Post-epidemic Era released by CBNData shows that product safety ranked first among consumers' attention to skin care products, exceeding the concern about efficacy and composition.

In the context of the industry, the State Council announced and implemented the Regulations on the Supervision and Administration of Cosmetics at the beginning of this year, which tightens the restriction on inspection, detection and efficacy declaration of cosmetics.

With the increase in consumer demand for safety and the strengthening of supervision, facial mask products are also adopting to market trends.  Facial masks has grown rapidly from patch masks to smear masks. The improvement of production technology, the upgrade of the mask form, and the reduction of stimulating ingredients have brought on new masks with a higher safety coefficient.

Geoskincare, an international skin care brand from New Zealand, appeared at this year’s China Beauty Expo. Their main focus this year revolves around the natural skin care trend, adding natural essence extract into their products. 


Besides the Water Spa Sleeping Mask that plays the main role of night replenishment, and Deep Pore Cleaning Masque, geoskincare also unveiled Niacinamide Jelly Bright Whitening Mask. The niacinamide blocks the transmission of melanin, accelerate metabolism for deep moisturizing, whitening and brightening.

Weibo Hi-Tech, the founder and leader of "lyophilized mask", also appeared at this year’s CBE with new lyophilized skin beautifying products. With its long-standing lyophilized technology and R & D strength, it won the annual top technology business transformation award of Meiyi Technology in 2021 and the innovation technology award of Meiyi Technology in 2021.

#4 Mask..Mask..and more Mask

In terms of the number of notes on the Xiaohongshu platform, as of mid-August this year, there are more than 3 million notes and more than 77,000 products about masks, which is only second to the essence of over 4 million and ahead of sunscreen with over 2 million and facial cleanser with over 1 million.

This mask trend is more evident on other online platforms.

On November 11 of last year, the facial mask category ranked first in terms of the sales with a sales volume of 37.04 million pieces. During the 618 pre-sale period this year,  L'ORÉAL ranked first in the skin care consumption list of Generation Z. Among its top product is the ampoule mask with anti-aging ingredients.

Among the major categories of facial masks, the rapid increase in the proportion of smear-based facial masks cannot be ignored. According to CBNData's consumption data, the growth rate of smear-based facial masks in the past two years has far exceeded the overall category of facial masks and of skin care categories. The main reason why smear-based facial mask is favored lies in that its repair effect during sleeping fits the living habits of the current Generation Z and the post-85s.

Young people often stay up late and use electronic products for a long time, resulting in needing products that can moisturize, repair and anti-age. Data shows that the proportion of mask purchase by Generation Z came in at 62.8% last year, ranking first among all categories, and facial mask has become the "first aid" in the skin care category, only second to lotion and cream.



Voolga Astaxanthin Tranexamic Acid Repair Mask, which sits atop of the "2021 Meiyi Awards", combines astaxanthin with tranexamic acid for the purpose of whitening, repairing, lightening, brightening, anti-aging, and moisturizing, and is favored by Generation Z. 

At present, demand growth logic of cosmetics is consumption advancement, brand upgrading, category expansion, and customization. In terms of the specific path of consumption upgrade, consumers are gradually increasing the demand categories, expanding from basic cream and lotion to mask, essence, eye cream and so on. Consumers are more and more aware of their own skin, and are more willing to choose products that are more suitable for themselves.