Beauty Supplements- Striking from within

Maintaining a good health has become a serious and exquisite lifestyle for China’s young generation: coke with wolfberry, red dates with coffee, going to clubs with medical plasters... Woman near the 30-year-old mark have begun to pay more and more attention to oral supplements in order to keep fit, and it is becoming the next star power in the "beauty economy".

Data shows the market for health supplements is expected to reach RMB 374 billion in 2025.


The demand for oral beauty is constantly diversifying.  Anti-sugar, anti-wrinkle, and anti-aging have become the growing consumption categories of oral beauty products.

At the 26th CBE, Hall E3 "Supplement Zone" gathered many well-known brands from China, Japan, Switzerland, Germany, Thailand, Australia, and other countries, attracting many visitors to explore new opportunities in this category!

According to data from, oral beauty is expected to reach RMB 23.8 billion in 2022.

Regardless of the growth rate or cap, the potential of oral beauty products is too important to miss.


01. International supplement pouring into China

In recent years, beauty brands such as Shiseido, FANCL, Sephora and Nordstrom have all launched oral beauty products. The famous brand POLA has two research centers: cosmetics and healthy food, and its world's bestselling products include White Shot IXS and Wrinkle Shot. According to the Market Insight Report on Oral Beauty Products, Shiseido, POLA and FANCL brands ranked first, fifth and eighth among the best-selling brands of oral beauty products in stores respectively.


As a new force in this market segment, Spirulina Blue’s main product Spirulina Jelly has been well recognized by the market and is recommended by celebrities. It unveiled its new concept "substitute milkshake for beauty" for the first time at the 26th China Beauty Expo.

In the list of Top 20 Health Food Sales at TMALL 11.11 Global Shopping Festival in 2020, overseas brands still dominates the domestic oral care market.  For example, China has become the main market for the leading Australian-based brand Swisse (with sales contribution of 47.7%).


Vitalp HealthyFit Woman series, a well-known oral nutrition brand from Switzerland, focuses on protecting mother's physical function. The herbal extract can help delay aging, improve skin roughness, wrinkles, color spots and other problems, taking care of a mother’s beauty.


RICHORA, a typical representative of imported honey brand, uses manuka honey from New Zealand as its main product line, highlighting the functional selling point of the "nutritional and medical value" of antibacterial and stomachic nourishment. With high-end entry lux as its consumption concept, the brand invites Wang Yibo, a popular artist, as its spokesman of global brand image, and leverages platforms such as Douyin, Xiaohongshu, Bilibili to firmly capture middle and high-end users of young minorities.


02. Cross-industry Domestic brands catching up
According to the 2020 New Health Consumption Trend Report released by CBNData, the ingredients corresponding to the three major skin care functions of whitening, anti-oxidation, and hydrating: niacinamide, collagen & anthocyanin, and hyaluronic acid are becoming the main product lines of oral supplements.


Facing the blue ocean of oral supplements and the absence of cosmetic giants, domestic brands that go head-to-head with the international big names naturally can’t conceal their ambitions to become the "Chinese Pola".  In order to become like Pola who has a history of more than 70 years, and to thrive in both cosmetics and the food fields, they must have comprehensive R&D abilities.

Bloomage Biotech have since released "Hyalur", the first hyaluronic acid food brand in China, and launched 6 products such as hyaluronic acid chewable tablets, soft candy and American ginseng drink, which take hyaluronic acid independently developed by Bloomage Biotech as raw ingredient, with functions of healthy weight loss, sleeping and pressure relief, protecting liver and stomach, whitening and antioxidation. The first hyaluronic acid drinking water "Whater" was sold online at Whater flagship stores on Tmall, Xiaohongshu and xiaomiyoupin platforms on March 22.


SMEAL, who’s on the TOP finished product list of CBE, launched a new oral supplement beauty series at this year’s exhibition, blood orange and rose flavor. The main function of blood orange drink is to moisturize and brighten. It contains hyaluronic acid and elastin, which helps the skin to hydrate and firm.  As well as ceramide and star yeast, which have moisture-locking and whitening effects. Rose drink focuses on calming the mind, including Changbai Mountain Ginseng and GABA γ-aminobutyric acid to help sleep and relax. In addition, it also contains pomegranate polyphenols to help moisturize.


Compared with the marketing methods of traditional oral beauty brands, the way to recommend products to young people today tend to be diversified. With the intensification of industry competition and scene segmentation, oral beauty brands need to think more about innovative brand marketing methods to maintain the long-term vitality of brands and products in the future.