China Beauty Expo Rejuvenates the Beauty Market

Shanghai, China. May 21, 2021 – China Beauty Expo successfully closed out the 3-day show on the evening of May 14th at the Shanghai New International Expo Center (Pudong)! This edition welcomed more than 3,200 beauty enterprises, spread throughout 230,000 square meters of exhibition space.  Thousands of new products, trending goods and latest technologies were showcased to beauty professionals who came to share, learn, and collaborate.  More than 50 concurrent activities were held with jam packed audiences who did not want to miss the opportunity to acquire new knowledge.  The 3-day total reached 479,000 visits, a number that’s hard to fathom in such a challenging period. 


It is at this show that China Beauty Expo officially introduced the CBE virtual expo mini program on WeChat to the general masses.  CBE virtual expo is a year-round online beauty platform hosting all of its current exhibitors with their products, so that communication and trading is possible throughout the year.  At the end of the expo, the CBE virtual expo reached 458,000+ views just in 3 days, setting a great foundation as the platform acquires more exhibitors and gains further popularity.

This year welcomed many famous brands who came in support of China Beauty Expo.  Elixir, L’Oréal Paris, Albion, Shiseido, La Colline, Kose Cosmeport, Geoskincare, Isdin, Urara, Martiderm and many more took this great opportunity to showcase their latest products, covering skincare, masks, color cosmetics, fragrances, toiletries, personal care, makeup tools, etc.  

Supply chain vendors also came in abundance, such as Cosmax, Cosmecca, Easycare Group, Pang, Yalan, Cosmobeauty, and the list goes on.  Coverage of the supply chain includes packaging, ingredients, machinery and OEM/ODM/OBM. 


What's Trending


China Fashion- The phrase “People mountain, People Sea” is exactly what can be used to describe the scene inside the China Fashion Pavilion.  Not only were people shoulder-to-shoulder, everyone was very enthusiastic.  This year, whether it is products with deep roots in the Chinese history, brand design with Chinese aesthetics, booth layout with rich Chinese elements, all gained a large number of new fans.   

The PZH Cosmetics in Hall W1, with its Zen-inspired bamboo forest decorations, Chinese classical designs that complement each other, and the three new series of "Xianquan", "Ganoderma lucidum", and "Pearl", rich in oriental charm, became one of the most popular booths at the expo.  Additionally, VITA LIXIR, a high-end oriental skin-care brand under UNIASIA Technology Group, also made its debut on the show.


Emerging Brands- Newly established “Popping Zone” in Hall E7 were extremely eye-catching at the 26th China Beauty Expo, a new concept that’s exclusively adopted for emerging brands.  CBE cooperated with Unilever's headquarters to launch the world's first external incubator - Unilever Universe, a "New Eco-Digital Beauty Laboratory" which brings together emerging brands such as Devil & Detail and Spes to debut on the expo. Unicorn male brand dearBOYfriend, emerging personal care brand ROCKINGZOO, and MOJA, Le Jardin Retrouvé, HERYOO etc. were all thrilled to be able to show their products in this new hot zone.  Makeup brand COMO and perfume brand ASSASSINA under the JALA Group, as well as GINGERFOM under the UNIASIA Group were all very impressed with the idea and results.

Technology x Products- Technology driven products is way of the future and it is evident in the beauty industry.  Pechoin, who has been focusing on herbal skin care research, brought together the world’s newest technologies under the new demands of "efficient skin care", and explored the perfect fusion of "high-efficiency technology + oriental talents", and used "technological new herbs" to debut core products of its three main brands of Pechoin, Sansen and Flavor.  

Shiseido on the other hand cooperated with Yaman, a leading brand of beauty devices, in launching a technological anti-aging brand – Effectim, a brand-new technological player of Shiseido Group in the anti-aging brand territory. 

The JALA  Group, which is based on technological innovation, not only demonstrated its brand matrix with high coverage and multiple categories at this CBE, but also shared the research results at the 7th International Cosmetic Technology Conference.  

In addition, Cosmax took the theme of "science and technology", not only to create a huge exterior electronic screen with stunning visual effects, but also to bring in a series of innovative products and exclusive patented technologies.


​Precise Skincare- At the 2021 Global Medical Aesthetic Dermatology Conference, themed on “Precision Engine· Efficiency Driven”, a team of authoritative doctors in the field of dermatology in China, led by Professor Liu Wei, a famous dermatologist and PhD supervisor, and leaders in the skin beauty science industry, discussed the development and improvement to the accurate skincare section. FREDA Shenan pointed out for the first time that Tri-BioBoost technology can achieve accurate anti-aging which can further consolidate Shenan’s leading position in the precision skincare sector.  

In addition, during the exhibition, the biggest feature of the branded skins displayed by Chuanxi is the ability to DIY custom skin care, and the diversified product mix with strong suitability and significant effects to meet all-gender consumers with different skin care demands.  

Besides the traditional cosmetics brands, pharmaceutical companies such as Bayer launched its sensitive skincare brand Bellerain. SEONGSE brought its special efficacy brand Centellian. SINOPHARM ZHIJUN, MAYINGLONG Pharmaceutical Group, Beijing Eastern Union Biopharmaceuticals Ltd., Renhe Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd, Nanjing Tongrentang all had something unique to demonstrate.

Sunscreen Demand- From the perspective of the sunscreen industry, in China's 470 billion cosmetics & personal care market, sunscreen only accounts for 2%. It can be predicted that sunscreen is the future highlight category of China's skin care market.  

At this exhibition, ISDIN S.A launched their new product FotoUltra Spot Prevention Fusion, which is the only high-power sunscreen product on the market that uses peptides to prevent aging; Mistine launched their new sunscreen for sensitive skin uses pure physical sunscreen ingredients such as titanium dioxide and zinc oxide, which are safer and gentler; Meifubao created a perfect sunscreen matrix to meet the sunscreen needs of consumers in different scenarios. 


Testing & Inspection- With the new regulations launched at the beginning of 2021, testing and inspection institutions will become friends with many in the beauty industry. The Testing & Inspection Zone in Hall N6 gathered a number of institutions to show the advanced inspection technology.  NBC and BASF signed a strategic cooperation agreement during the exhibition, of which an important cooperation is on product testing. 

Bawei Biotechnology Corporation even brought its independent third-party testing agency – Youz Testing and setup its own pavilion within the pavilion. Youz Testing covers 1000+ testing including efficacy testing, anti-corrosion test, prohibited substance test, packaging material test, and has more than 3000 types of raw materials testing indicators.


Retail Summit- During the “China Cosmetics Retail Summit,” executive chairman of China Beauty Expo, Ying Sang pointed out that in the era of “traffic is king”, in order to achieve maximum profit, companies need to integrate online and offline resources.  Physical stores need to devote energy and find ways to convert online traffic into potential customers.  The key for the retail industry lies within its innovation to adapt to the new changes.  

L’Oréal emphasized the 5 important aspects that will empower the retail industry: people, product, setting, results, and content.  While the CEO of Geoskincare, Xiaokun Liu shared the 4P theory on full clientele coverage: product, price, place, promotion. 


Save the Date:  China Beauty Expo 2022, May 12-14
The 27th China Beauty Expo will once again be held at the Shanghai New International Expo Center from May 12-14, 2022.  The organizing committee is expecting to fulfill the entire venue with added outside tentage to satisfy the demand from our exhibitors as the result of this year’s expo.   Visitor numbers will surely be in the record books as China Beauty Expo continues to provide knowledge to the beauty community and assist in the development of the beauty industry.