Top 10 Reasons to Visit China Beauty Expo

After running 25 successful editions, CBE will continue to integrate global resources while combining its online and offline services into 5 Critical Progressions, "exhibition", "conference", "incubation", "award" and "media." Its goal is to gather buyer’s group worldwide, covering the beauty industry throughout the year and becoming the most influential beauty platform in the world. 

The 26th China Beauty Expo will be held at the Shanghai New International Expo Center on May 12-14. With a scale of 230,000 square meters, 3200+ exhibitors and thousands of domestic and foreign brands.

As the weathervane of the beauty industry, what is CBE prepared to showcase this year to the beauty professional around the world?  How will CBE, the world's most influential beauty platform, help develop the industry and continue to lead the industry?


# Reason 1 #

230,000 sqm, 22 gigantic halls


Rooted in the industry for many years, it continues to promote Asian strategy, brand strategy, technology and fashion strategy, categories include skin care, facial masks, cosmetics, perfume, personal care, children and baby, oral care, men's care, beauty tools, totaling 13 main categories and 44 sub-categories.

N5:Japanese Brands

W1:Skin Care, Personal Care, Men's Care

W2:Color Cosmetics, Fragrances & Makeup Accessories

W3:Oral Care, Baby & Children Care, Household Cleaning

W8:Color Cosmetics & Makeup Accessories

E1:Skin Care, Masks, Personal Care

E2:International Pavilions, Imported Brands

E3:International Pavilions, Imported Products, Health Supplements

E6:Korean Brands, Asian Brands, Social E-Commerce

E7:International Brands,Social E-Commerce

Professional Beauty 

Over the past few years, the professional beauty sector has welcomed global opportunities, technologies, beauty concepts, and has been favored by high-end beauty salons, skin management centers, SPA centers, medical beauty institutions, and nail salons.

E4: Beauty Equipment, Professional Beauty

E5: International Nail/Eyelash, Skin Management, Health & Wellness


The supply chain section of the exhibition will operate independently with its own logo. Covering OEM/ODM/OBM, packaging, machinery and equipment, raw materials, inspection & testing and other beauty related services/products.



W9:Creative Packaging, Premium Packaging

W10:Creative Packaging


N2: OEM/ODM/OBM, Japanese Manufacturing

N3:Premium Color Cosmetics OEM & Packaging

N4:Machinery & Equipment

N6:Advanced Science & Innovation, Testing & Inspection

N7:OEM, Packaging, IP Licensing


 # Reason 2 #

3200+ Exhibitors

Numbers of leading brands will show up at the 26th China Beauty Expo: Shiseido, L 'Oreal, Unilever, Nivea, Jahwa, JALA, PROYA, PECHOIN, MARUB, UNIASIA, geoskincare, Mingchen, COGI, BIOHYALUX, MEDREPAIR, QUADHA, AFU, ISDIN, MGP, Mistine, Lanser, LONGRICH, Voolga and other leading enterprises/brands.  Top supply enterprises includes Intercos, COSMAX, Kolmar, PICASO, COSMOBEAUTY, THAI HO Group , NBC, BEIHAO, EASYCARE Group, Ridgepole, Weckerle, TOLY Group, PANG, DSM etc.


 # Reason 3 #

10 Must Hit Zones

A grand total of 22 halls will rise up, centering on different themes of the beauty industry, including “hot & trending” and “KOL themed” to integrate mass resources to a single location.  Within the 22 halls, there will be 10 new zones that beauty professionals cannot afford to miss.

W2- Fragrance Zone, E7- Popping Zone, W3-Oral Care Zone, E3-Supplement Zone, E4-Beauty Equipment Zone, E5-Skin Management Zone, E6-Social E-commerce Zone, N2-Made in Japan Zone, N6-Test & Inspecting Zone, W9-High End Packaging Zone.


 # Reason 4 #

Pavilions & Leading Brands

The imported commodity has been a hot topic of CBE, this year thousands of imported brands will be gathered at the event besides Shiseido, L’oreal, Unilever, Nivea. It is worth mentioning that governments and associations around the world also organized hundreds of outstanding enterprises and their representative brands to participate at CBE for the first time:

Business France China , Cosmetic Valley, (IKW), Spain Economic and Commercial Office in Shanghai, British Consulate-General Shanghai, Swiss Business Hub China, KOTRA, JETRO




In addition, N5 Japanese brands, E2 international pavilions/imported brands, E3 international pavilions/imported products, Health Supplements, E5 international nail and eyelash, skin management, health related, E6 Korean pavilion/Asian Brands, social E-commerce, E7 imported commodity zone, and N2 Japanese manufacturing are all ready to welcome everyone. 


 # Reason 5 #

Emerging Brands Breaking Through

With the vast amounts of high-quality resources CBE has acquired over the years, from top platforms, leading international scientific research institutions, KOLs, channel leaders, “CBE’s StarLab” is formed.  With every selected recipient, CBE will help to cultivate, empower, and transform the brand into a shining star.

CBE’s Popping Zone at Hall E7, surrounded by the theme "trendy" and "fresh", represents the top-traffic emerging brands, and their empowerment through digitalization.  The “Beauty Incubation Area” & “Duty-Free Zone” will help brands to breakout and showcase new emerging brands.

# Reason 6 #

50+ Concurrent Activities

CBE’s concurrent activities brings together the most cutting-edge information and latest industry trends. At the 26th edition, CBE will launch a series of concurrent activities covering the entire beauty industry including retail empowerment, professional R&D, technological innovation, packaging design, and other industry related activities. A large number of authoritative organizations, industry leaders, experts, scholars, and KOLs will gather to examine the latest industry trends, publish analytical reports "white papers", display scientific research and innovation results, together leading the industry into the future.

Such as the China Cosmetics Retail Summit, the Global Cosmetics Technology Conference, Mei-Yi Awards Ceremony and the Global Medical Aesthetic Dermatology Conference etc.

# Reason 7 #

Top KOLs Live Streaming Onsite

Under the rapid development of Internet technology, CBE have combined online and offline resources to launch the “Virtual Expo” in 2020. By the end of February 2021, the CBE Virtual Expo has received 356,281 views and over 200 million online exposures.


This year, CBE has further improved functions of the virtual expo, established data analysis and label management mechanism. The virtual booth will lead you to the exact booth and show products online. All to allow business matchmaking to be more accurate and more effective.

In addition, CBE has organized top KOLs to conduct live streaming onsite, to explore the exhibition and activities firsthand.


# Reason 8 #

Integration of Network Resources

The CBE Awards are also a big attraction of the expo. The Mei-Yi Awards will cooperate with cosmetics information, Alimama, Oceanengine, Rayli, Tencent Advertising, Tailwinds, Sina Weibo, Soho TV, PClady, KOLCLUB, Kuaishou, Ruhnn, Meiyou, COSIN etc. to build an annual beauty party. In just 20 days, the total number of votes reached 4.98 million, with a final list containing just 146, representing the pool of all the finalist.  Top honors will be awarded at the Mei-Yi Awards Ceremony on the night of May 12th.

On the night of May 11, the most valuable and influential industry award in the field of China’s cosmetics supply chain will also be honored, with two major lists, the "Mei-Yi Technology Innovation Award" and the "2021 Mei-Yi Technology Commercial Transformation Award." Both awards are to crown outstanding supply chain enterprises.


# Reason 9 #

White Papers

CBE has focused on advanced movements and development in the beauty industry, the “Mei-Yi White Paper” and the “Mei-Yi Technology White Paper” released each year have attracted the mainstream media and attention of the beauty industry.

This year, CBE cooperated with Alimama to release the “2021 Mei-Yi White Paper- Insights of the beauty market in lower-tier cities”. It explored the different consumer demand attributes of different buying behavior and marketing opportunities.

The “2021 Mei-Yi Technology White Paper”, co-released by CBE and Diarybiotec, Beauty Data AI. Developed and launched the "Continuous Innovation Index Model" for the first time. The White Paper reveals how the internal and external environment of the industry affects the consumer market, product trends, and the origin of the innovation capability behind the product.


# Reason 10 #

Internal & External

As the largest international beauty event in the world's TOP 100 trade fairs, CBE not only gathers the world's leading resources, but also cooperates with leading platforms, institutions, groups and media in various fields to create a mutual win and build a beauty cooperation ecosystem.

In the professional section, CBE will cooperated with China Hairdressing & Beauty Association, to launch the “2021 National Skin Management Competition”; in the cosmetics section, CBE and geoskincare, SHISEIDO, L’oreal, JALA, Chicmax, Eternal, ISDIN etc. and media platform Alimama, Oceanengine, Tencent Advertising, Weibo, Soho, Eleme, Kuaishou, Rayli etc. will launch a numbers of knowledge based activities; CBE SUPPLY together with Shanghai Packaging Technology Association,Shanghai Packaging Magazine, Zhejiang Supplement & Cosmetics Association, CIDA, World Federation of Chinese Medicine Societies, Diarybiotec, Beauty Data AI etc., will have activities to focus on the upstream enterprises, promoting innovation and upgrading the cosmetics supply chain.


Sharing global innovation resources is the core concept of China Beauty Expo. CBE's mission is to lead by innovation and provide professional services to empower the beauty industry. Come and explore the show with our exhibitors. May 12-14, 2021, Shanghai New International Expo Center. 

The 26th China Beauty Expo awaits you!