Sneak Preview of Places to Be

The 26th China Beauty Expo will be held at the Shanghai New International Expo Center on May 12-14.

In order to adapt to market demand and stay ahead of the industry, there will be a number of events covering the entire beauty industry, including professional R&D, technological innovation, packaging design, and other specific activities. These events will gather many authoritative institutions for face-to-face exchanges, display of authoritative analysis reports, scientific research & innovation results, lead the industry into the future.

As a major event of CBE SUPPLY, the 7th “Global Cosmetics Technology Conference” will he held at the Kerry Hotel Pudong, with the theme “Technology Fusion, Innovation Breakout”. Leading beauty enterprises will gather to witness the release of the "Meiyi Technology White Paper", along with new products and technological innovations.

Other events will include the latest regulations, scientific research trends, inspection and testing, newest packaging materials and technologies, design trends, intelligent manufacturing and many more industry related topics. There will be comprehensive and detailed discussions on the problems and solutions of the beauty industry, development, future, and sustainability.

For more event details, please follow the CBE SUPPLY theme event list:


May 10, 2021

★Global Medical Aesthetic Dermatology Conference★

Themed on “Precision Engine· Efficiency Drive”, bringing together top industry experts and benchmarking enterprises in the industry. The forum will focus on major breakthroughs and advances in the field of skin science, explore new trends in the era of precision skin care, and grasp the innovative direction of cosmetic functional ingredients. The book "Agache Dermatometry" will be released at this event.

Organizer:    China Beauty Expo

Strategic Support: FREDA, Symrise, UNISKIN, ISDIN S.A., Beijing Chuangying Optoelectronics Medical Technology Co., Ltd.

Date: May 10th     9:00-18:00

Venue: Pudong Hall, 3F Kerry Hotel Pudong



May 11, 2021

7th Global Cosmetics Technology  Conference

The 7th “Global Cosmetics Technology Conference” will focus on “Technology Fusion, Innovation Breakout”, revolving around cosmetics innovation and revolution. The conference will reveal the infinite possibilities of the cosmetics industry empowered by technology.

The “2021 Meiyi Technology White Paper” will be released at the event.  Through deep analysis of "Indexing Continuous Innovation," beauty professional will gain insights into the next wave of growth in China's beauty industry and help beauty enterprises to further develop their technology.

This once-a-year event will gather industry experts, leading companies, brands & enterprises to rethink with brand-new consumer insights, reshaping the foundation of the industry with cutting-edge scientific research and technology, and show the industry how the power of "technological advancements make good brands".

Organizer: CBE SUPPLY

Special Strategic Support: GALA, Peng's (Huizhou) Industrial Development Co., Ltd.Strategic Support: EasyCare Group, DSM, WEIBO HI-TECH, Shine MaxMedia: C2CC, Diarybiotec, Beauty Data AI, Bevol, Shanghai Packaging Magazine, PKG.CN, Centdegrés, 8 o’clock Innovation, Cosmetics Information

Date: May 11th    13:00-18:00

Venue: Pudong Hall, 3F Kerry Hotel Pudong


Meiyi Technology Award Ceremomy

The most valuable and influential industry award in the field of China’s cosmetics supply chain will be fully upgraded in 2021, with two major lists, the "Meiyi Technology Innovation Award" and the "2021 Meiyi Technology Commercial Transformation Award." Both awards are to crown outstanding supply chain enterprises.

The “2021 Meiyi Technology Awards” will focus on the technology and products in the fields of ingredients, R&D, packaging, and machinery. Its goal is to instill power into the cosmetics supply chain and revitalize the industry from the source.

Organizer: CBE SUPPLYStrategic


Date: May 11th      19:00-21:00

Venue: Pudong Hall, 3F Kerry Hotel Pudong


May 12, 2021

★Meiyi Technology Display★

The "2021 Meiyi Technology Commercial Transformation" and "Meiyi Technology Innovation" award is based on science, technology, innovation, and commercial transformation, selected from tens of thousands of beauty formulas, raw materials, packaging, manufacturing technologies and products. Their merchandises will be displayed at the golden aisle, highlighting brand's continuous innovation abilities.

Organizer: CBE SUPPLY

Date: May 12-14

Location: #2 Entrance Hall; Corridor from #2 Entrance Hall to N1 Hall; Corridor from #2 Entrance Hall to W5 Hall


★Cyberpunk Future Art Creative Experience Zone★

Organizer: CBE SUPPLY


Association: Designers Association

Date: May 12-14

Location: Hall N7, E01



★Cosmetic Safety Technical Regulation Forum★

With the introduction of new cosmetics regulations and stricter supervision, the entire industry will move towards a more standardized development. The forum will focus on cosmetic efficacy evaluation, registration of new cosmetic raw materials, cosmetic risk assessment and toxicology. The forum will interpret the new cosmetics supervision and the latest regulations from multiple angles and guide the standardization of the industry under the new cosmetics regulations.

Organizer: CBE SUPPLY

Co-Organizer: Shanghai Daily Chemistry Trade

AssociationSupport: Guangdong Bawei Biotechnology Corporation

Date: May 12th       13:00-17:00

Location: N6 Conference Room


★Innovation•Trend — 5th Edition of New Era Color Cosmetics Technology Sharing Conference★

Organizer: CBE SUPPLY

Co-Organizer: Color Cosmetics Association

Date: May 12th      13:30-17:00

Location: Hall W5    M8 Conference Room


★Breakthrough of Traditional Chinese Medicine for Beauty★

Organizer: CBE SUPPLY

Co-Organizer: World Federation of Chinese Medicine

Date: May 12th     13:30-17:00

Location: Hall N3   M43 Conference Room


★Safety & Efficacy Evaluation Methods of Raw Materials Under the New Regulations★

Organizer: CBE SUPPLY

Co-Organizer: ZheJiang Health Products Cosmetics Industry Association

Date: May 12th   13:30-17:00

Location: Hall W4     M7 Conference Room


★Beauty Supplements into Blue Ocean of Billions★

Organizer: CBE SUPPLY

Co-Organizer: BioFunction, Shanghai BioTech Group

Date: May 12th      13:30-17:00

Location: Hall N2   M41 Conference Room


★Advanced Skin Care - Active Protein New Product Launch Conference★

Organizer: CBE SUPPLY

Support: Guangzhou Jiyuan Biological Technology Co., Ltd. Institute of Life Sciences, Jinan UniversityTYRAN (Guangzhou) Biotechnology Co., Ltd.

Date: May 12th     13:30-17:00

Location: Hall N2     M42 Conference Room


★One Product One CodeEmpowering Cosmetics Digital Marketing★

Organizer: CBE SUPPLY

Co-Organizer: Cosmetics Industry Development Association

Date: May 12th      13:30-17:00

Location: Hall N4   M45 Conference Room


★IP x Beauty = “Best Sellers”★

Organizer: CBE SUPPLY


Host: Licensing Expo China· Shanghai Station (LEC)

Date: May 12th      14:00-16:00

Location:  Entrance #3 Stage

May 13, 2021

★Trending in Cosmetics Ingredients★

Forum to focus on the cosmetics ingredient trend under the topic of “skincare efficacy” and “sustainability”. Special attention is paid to how brands should continue to claim the efficacy of ingredients under the new regulations, and how ODM can help ingredient-focusing brands. Well-known KOLs will gather to discuss how to co-develop with brands.

Organizer: CBE SUPPLY

Partner: Diary Biotec

Time: May 13th   9:30-12:00

Location: Hall N6 Conference Room


★Technological Innovation Under the New Regulations★

In order to get a better understanding of cosmetics regulations, promote technological innovation under the new regulations and boost the quality and efficiency of China's cosmetics, the forum will focus on the discussion of raw materials, containers and technologies.

Organizer: CBE SUPPLY

Partners: International Institute of Cosmetics, Shanghai Institute of Technology

Co-Organizer: Cosmetic Industry Alumni Association, Shanghai Institute of Technology

Support: Hunter Biotech (Hangzhou) Co., Ltd

.Date: May 13th      13:00-17:00

Location: Hall N6 Conference Room


★33rd “Technology & Brands” workshop Technology Under the New Regulations★

Organizer: CBE SUPPLY

Co-Organizer: Guangzhou Yachun Cosmetics Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

Date: May 13th      13:30-17:00

Location: Hall N1   M40 Conference Room


★Creative Sources of Chinese Fragrance★

Organizer: CBE SUPPLY


Host: DHFF

Date: May 13th      13:30-17:00

Location: Hall W4  M7 Conference Room


★2021 Sustainable Packaging Innovation★

Organizer: CBE SUPPLY

Support: Shanghai Packaging Technology Association

Co-Organizer: 《SHAHGHAI PACKAGING》Magazine

Date: May 13th      13:30-17:00

Location: Hall W4  M6 Conference Room


★Opportunities and Challenges for Local Fragrance Brands★

Organizer: CBE SUPPLY

Co-Organizer: SILGAN Dispensing Asia Pacific, Suzhou Barrio Cosmetics Co., Ltd

Date: May 13th      13:30-17:00

Location: Hall W5  M8 Conference Room


★Sustainability on Plastic Packaging★

Organizer: CBE SUPPLY

Co-Organizer: SK Chemicals

Date: May 13th       13:30-17:00, May 13

Location: Hall N3   M43 Conference Room


★Application of New Printing Technology in Cosmetics★

Organizer: CBE SUPPLY

Co-Organizer: Youbiao (Shanghai) Printing Co., Ltd

Support: Epson (China) Co., Ltd.

Date: May 13th      13:30-17:00

Location: Hall N2   M41 Conference Room