Venue Entry Made Easy

The 26th China Beauty Expo will be held at the Shanghai New International Expo Center on May 12-14.

While COVID-19 in China is under control, we will still utilize real-name registration.


May 12-13, 20219:00-18:00,17:00 Stop admission

May 14, 2021 9:00-15:00,14:00 Stop admission


ID Verification

Everyone would be required to present their original ID/Passport/Permit when entering the venue. Photos and copies are not valid.



Everyone need to pre-register before entering the venue.

Health Code

In compliance with China’s health and safety measure, everyone would be required to present their “health code” for venue entry. Only “Green Code” will be accepted.

Face Masks
Fasks will be mandatory for everyone inside the venue. Face masks are available if needed.

Age Restriction

Persons under 18 years old are not allowed to enter the venue.

Epidemic Prevention
The organizer will set up a quarentine areas outside the venue. Professional medical staff will handle relevant matters according to the requirements of the city's epidemic prevention department.


Entry Procedures:

Health Check

Line up in an orderly manner along the entrance passage outside the three entrances, keeping a proper safe distance, scan the QR code of the "Health Code", enter personal information, get my "Health Code", show the green code and go through the temperature/security check points (red code and yellow code will prohibit entry).

Registration Check
Present your ID card and registration code, to verify information.

Security & Temperature Check
Bag checks and body scans for everyone. Temperature checks at all entry points.

Badge Printing
★ Chinese Residents:Use your ID cards to print badge on the printing machine if needed.
★ Overseas Visitors:Present your passport/travel permit at the service counter, our staff will help you to get your badge.

You can enter the venue after face & ID scaning. 


Notice for overseas visitors

★ Must obtain Green health code to enter the venue.
★ Scan the OR code below to apply the health code.

★  Click “Health Code of Entry 
★ Present your passport/ travel permit and your health code for entry.