Lock and Loaded. 10 Must Hit Zones

This year’s China Beauty Expo will again be held at the Shanghai New International Expo Center on May 12-14, with a scale of 230,000 sqm and 3200+ exhibitors covering across the entire beauty industry.

A grand total of 22 halls will rise up, centering on different themes of the beauty industry, including “hot & trending” and “KOL themed” to integrate mass resources to a single location.  Within the 22 halls, there will be 10 new zones that beauty professionals cannot afford to miss. 

W2- Fragrance Zone, E7- Popping Zone, W3-Oral Care Zone, E3-Supplement Zone, E4-Beauty Equipment Zone, E5-Skin Management Zone, E6-Social E-commerce Zone, N2-Made in Japan Zone, N6-Test & Inspecting Zone, W9-High End Packaging Zone.

01. Fragrance Zone

According to the” Global Fragrance Industry Analysis Report” released by the Foresight Industry Research Institute, China's perfume market is expected to maintain a compound annual growth rate of about 15% from 2018 to 2024 and the market size is expected to exceed 40 Billion RMB by 2022.

In the Chinese cosmetics market, perfume is ushering in new opportunities of its own.



At the 26th CBE, “Fragrance Zone” in Hall W2 will gather international high-end brands like Bvlgari, Versace, Anna Sui, Coach; Niche brands like 4711, Clean, Tous, Trussarci, Masaki; As well as popular brands Boitown & Reclassifed; and salon fragrance brand Barrio.

02. Popping Zone

Themed on Emerging Brands and Duty-Free Imports.

CBE’s Popping Zone, surrounded by the theme "trendy" and "fresh", represents the top-traffic emerging brands, and their empowerment through digitalization.  The “Beauty Incubation Area” & “Duty-Free Zone” will help brands to breakout and showcase new emerging brands.

The Ningbo Duty-Free Import Center have chosen Hall E7. It is reported from January to November 2020, cross-border import sales of cosmetics in Ningbo Free Trade Zone reached 5.4 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 20%.
Partial list of the enterprises:

Ningbo Jiayi International Trading Co., Ltd.Ningbo DIJIA VIDA Trading Co., Ltd.Ningbo Zhonghe (Honeycomb Brand Management) Co., Ltd.Ningbo Free Trade Zone Ronghe Weiye Technology & Culture Co., Ltd.Ningbo Nuanfeng Import & Export Co., Ltd.Ningbo Changxing Culture & Technology Co., Ltd.Ningbo Free Trade Zone Muyuan International Trading Co., Ltd.Ningbo VANMAX Trading Co., Ltd.

03. Oral Care Zone
According to iiMedia, China's overall dental market reached 103.5 Billion RMB in 2019. Especially in the post-epidemic era, oral health, has become an important part of the overall health management. At the same time, the demand for oral care continues to increase, and the market potential cannot be underestimated.

The “Oral Care Zone” at Hall W3, will include leading brands such as LMZ, Pien Tze Huang, RINOWS, Dentist, YIBAO etc.

04. Supplement Zone

With the gradual improvement of consumer awareness of nutrition and health care, it is expected that in the next five years, the growth rate of nutrition and health care products will maintain at least 10%. The market size will reach 374 Billion RMB by 2025.

The "Supplement Zone" will be set up inside Hall E3, focusing on health supplements, gathering quality brands, import agents and OEM/ODM enterprises.  Renhe, SIRIO, Kakaso, NIMI and other well-known brands will appear at the expo, covering countries such as China, Japan, Swiss, Germany, Thailand, Australia, etc.

05. Beauty Equipment Zone
IPL pulsed light, CO2 dot matrix laser, water and oxygen cleansing instrument, semiconductor laser hair removal, laser treatment instrument, are all popular technology-based beauty equipment.

Beauty Equipment Zone will gather the world’s top high-end beauty products and advanced beauty equipment, including LPG, Bellisima, NEWFACE, BELLIVIORA, DJM, Classys, Solex, FLASER, ODI, TOUCHBeauty, Ulike, JOVS, Tripollar, Sivers, The Beautools, etc.

06. Skin Management Zone

In 2016, the concept of "skin management" was introduced from Korea to China for the first time, and quickly spread. Today, skin management has become an important part of the domestic beauty industry, and the number of professional skin management stores continues to rise. As of 2021, skin management in China is still rising rapidly. 



In this edition, "Skin Management Zone" in Hall E5 is created to share store operation experiences. Skin management and entire store export companies such as HAIROLOGY, Natural Beauty, AYAKO, JP BEAUTY, ThermoCEUTICAL, SANSHO etc. will be onsite to share their knowledge.

07. Social E-commerce Zone

Under the impact of the pandemic, brands and physical stores were facing unprecedented pressure in 2020, with stores unable to open, and consumers decreasing sharply, more and more physical stores and brands began to utilize social e-commerce.

In order to meet this market demand, CBE will focus on e-commerce in Hall E6 and set up a "Social E-commerce Zone". Companies such as Jieanqi, Inglemirepharm, Jiayue, JinYi International, Heng Hao, Yijianyuzhou have all decided to participate.

08. Japanese Manufacturing Zone

"Technology" has become the keyword in the cosmetics industry, and high-end manufacturing makes high-end products. Throughout the years, Japanese cosmetics manufacturing technology have constantly been improving, giving "Japanese OEM" a very special status. The 26th CBE will establish a new "Japanese Manufacturing Zone" in Hall N2, gathering many outstanding Japanese cosmetics processing companies to jointly promote the transformation and upgrading of cosmetics manufacturing.

09. Testing & Inspection Zone
On January 1, 2021, the "Regulations on the Supervision and Administration of Cosmetics" came into effect. The announcement of the new regulations puts forward higher requirements and stricter regulations for the "inspection and testing" of the cosmetics industry. Correspondingly, inspection and testing institutions may usher in a turbulent period.

Therefore, in order to meet the industry’s explosive demand for inspection and testing, to better welcome the implementation of the new regulations, and to facilitate the development of industry standards, CBE has set up an independent exhibition area for “inspection and testing” in Hall N6 for the first time.

10. Premium Paper Packaging Zone
Packaging technologies, materials and design have become a key step for brands to successfully breakthrough in the market. Meanwhile, custom style, luxury style, technology sense, professionalism, and high-level sense have quickly won over consumers’ favor. High-end is becoming a new growth engine for cosmetics packaging. 


At the 26th CBE, the Premium Packaging Zone will be setup to meet the strong demand of the cosmetics market for high-end paper bag packaging, luxury packaging, and new high-end packaging materials. It will gather leading packaging enterprises and outstanding printing enterprises, exploring the demand and trend together.