Popping Zone Emerges

As the bellwether of China's beauty industry, China Beauty Expo continues to launch new theme halls every year, revealing industry trends and guiding the industry into the future.

On May 12-14, 2021, the 26th China Beauty Expo (CBE) will again be hosted at the Shanghai New International Expo Center (Pudong) with an exhibition area of 260,000 square meters, for an overall of 3,600 beauty enterprises from more than 40 countries and regions around the world.  The total number of visitors is expected to exceed 500,000.

This year, a new themed hall centered on "beauty, content and attitude" will be unveiled. 

Popping Zone-- Beauty Incubation Area & Duty-Free Zone

01 Hot Items

Popping Zone is located in Hall E7, hugging Entrance #3 and Hall N5 Japanese Brands. Entrance #3 typically garners heavy traffic due to major celebrations such as the opening ceremony. Hall N5 Hall is the key pavilion of Japanese beauty. It is synonymous to fashion, high-quality and trustworthiness, and has become the focus of many businesses.

02 Breakout & Trending-Beauty Incubator

In recent years, with the rise of new channels and changes to the market, a large number of cutting-edge beauty brands have been created in the Chinese market, especially on Xiao Hongshu and Bilibili.


CBE’s Popping Zone, surrounded by the theme "trendy" and "fresh", represents the top-traffic emerging brands, and their empowerment through digitalization.  The “Beauty Incubation Area” & “Duty-Free Zone” will help brands to breakout and showcase new emerging brands.


03 Imported Commodities from around the world--Ningbo Imported Commodity Center

Imported products has always been the highlight of CBE. At the 26th edition, the N5- Japanese Brands, E2/E3- International Pavilion, Imported Products, E5- International Nail and Eyelash etc. will remain the same, while Hall E7 will bring in a new powerhouse.

The Ningbo Imported Commodity Center will settle in hall E7 beginning this year. It is reported from January to November 2020, cross-border import sales of cosmetics in Ningbo Free Trade Zone reached 5.4 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 20%, accounted for 35.8% of imported cross-border e-commerce business volume. The Ningbo Free Trade Zone, which integrates product display, trading, consumer experience, and policy consultation, was officially launched at the Ningbo Import Commodity Exhibition and Trading Center at the end of last year.

Ningbo Free Trade Zone, established in 1992, the Ningbo Free Trade Zone has been approved as the National Import Trade Promotion Innovation Demonstration Zone, with a total of 49,928 employees.  There are more than 10,000 enterprises of various kinds in the zone, including more than 340 foreign-funded enterprises, with a total investment of about 8.1 billion USD.

Ningbo Imported Commodity Exhibition Trade Center - This trade center is jointly built by the Administration Committee of Ningbo Free Trade Zone, Yinzhou District People's Government and Ningxing Group, and adheres to government promotion, market operation and innovation cooperation. There are more than 200 enterprises involved, more than 20 national characteristic pavilions, and more than 50,000 imported consumer products from more than 60 countries and regions around the world.


Enterprises at a glance

01 Ningbo Jiayi International Trading Co., Ltd.

Its agent in China include French OLYSEE, MARIANNE ROSE, MARIANNE FAMILLE, TENNY FIGGS, LUMITENSO and other international brands.


02 Ningbo DIJIA VIDA Trading Co., Ltd

Expanded from being a single food category to cosmetics, it has introduced well-known cosmetics brands from Poland, Biofresh from Bulgaria, Romania, and La terre from Switzerland, and has obtained exclusive rights in China to those brands for fully development.


03 Ningbo Zhonghe (Honeycomb Brand Management) Co., Ltd.

Zhonghe is a comprehensive brand management and operation organization established in 2020. Its cooperative brands include: FLAVIA, KANESON, HENNA, Baihada Beauty, P&G, Kao, VESS, Xiaomi Fang, Inoma, CehamiPF, etc.


04 Ningbo Free Trade Zone Ronghe Weiye Technology & Culture Co., Ltd

Since its establishment, the company has been closely tied to market demand and leveraged on its connection with Japanese YMR Co., Ltd. to introduce more high-quality Japanese products into China, and bringing better and more products and services to Chinese consumers.


05 Ningbo Nuanfeng Import & Export Co., Ltd.

The company mainly deals in imported cosmetics, daily necessities, popular products, and thousands of other products.  Its main platform are the Ningbo Free Trade Zone and Yiwu Free Trade Zone.


06 Ningbo Changxing Culture & Technology Co., Ltd.

At present, they are the master agent of Au-Kingcare dairy products brand and Blairsom care brand in China and is solely responsible for the marketing of its products in China.


07 Ningbo Free Trade Zone Muyuan International Trading Co., Ltd.

The company's main business are Japanese maternal and child products, daily necessities, detergents, cosmetics, household appliances, food, alcohol, etc.



08 Ningbo VANMAX Trading Co., Ltd.

VANMAX's main distribution brands are Japanese brand CI, Swiss brand Wild, British brand Nano and other oral care products.