CBE, more than meets your eyes

As the 26th China Beauty Expo approaches, a new LOGO is here to represent CBE. The new image signifies a more focused, better attitude and professional brand, empowering the beauty industry on a new journey. 

Established for 25 years, with "exhibition" as its core, CBE has built an inclusive service platform for the beauty industry, in the fields of cosmetics, professional beauty and supply chain.  It is one of the leading and influential beauty shows in the world.  CBE will continue to accumulate global resources while integrating its online and offline services into 5 Critical Progressions, "exhibition", "conference", "incubation", "award" and "media".  It will extend from the traditional 3-day event to yearlong programs, better serving the global beauty industry. 

  • Exhibition

Being held at the Shanghai New International Expo Center every May, and this year marks the 26th edition. It is an international trade platform covering the entire beauty industry.  From 2017 to 2019, for 3 consecutive years, it has been listed as the top beauty trade show on the top 100 global exhibition list, giving it a non-refutable reputation.  

CBE is composed of 3 major sections: Cosmetics, Professional Beauty and Supply Chain.

CBE Cosmetics

CBE’s cosmetics exhibition has been around the industry for many years, it includes finished products of skin care, facial mask, makeup, perfume, toiletries, maternity, baby, oral care, men's care, beauty tools, totaling 13 primary categories and 44 sub-categories. It is the biggest gathering place for both international and domestic companies showcasing their newest and hottest products. It is an ecosystem that integrates industry resources ranging from knowledge to trends. 


CBE Professional Beauty

An equally important aspect of the exhibition is the Professional Beauty sector. Over the past few years, the professional beauty sector has gathered global opportunities, technologies, products, beauty concepts, and has been favored by high-end beauty salons, skin management centers, SPA centers, medical beauty institutions, and nail salons.



CBE SUPPLY, the supply chain section of the exhibition, will operate independently with its own logo. Covering OEM/ODM/OBM, packaging, machinery and equipment, raw materials, inspection and testing and other beauty related services/products.

CBE GoCloud

With the recent trend of internet adaptation, GoCloud is the next evolution in CBE’s strategy to rapidly integrate its online and offline services into one.  A vital part of GoCloud is the Virtual Expo mini program.  It is a multi-function platform that empowers the  exhibitors. The platform displays the exhibitor company, its product information and creates a personalized electronic invitation letter for potential clients. It also conducts precise marketing through social media such as WeChat Moments, WeChat, Weibo, etc., to help exhibitors in promotion and obtain trade opportunities.

In addition, China Beauty E-Academy, which focuses on knowledge sharing, academic exchanges, trend insights, workshops, helps usher in a new generation of beauty brands in terms of operational ideas, problem-solving methods, and private domain operations.

  • Conference

During CBE’s exhibition, it has and will always be covered with industry wide events, in the fields of professional R&D, technological advancements, packaging design, retail empowerment, etc. The “China Cosmetics Retail Summit”, “CBE Cosmetics Design Conference”, and the “Global Medical Aesthetic Dermatology Conference”, welcomes many authoritative institutions around the globe to generate analytical reports and "white papers" to allow insights into the latest industry trends.

Other than the many get togethers during the 3-day exhibition, CBE have events throughout the year in providing communications and services to the beauty industry.  All of which belongs under CBE Regional.  For the cosmetics section, CBE will join hands with Meiyi and begin the tour in Shanghai during March, Bohai Bay in July, Northwest China in August, Central China in September and Southwest China in October. For the Supply Chain section, the Hanghzhou “CBE Cosmetics Design Conference” in September and the Guangzhou “CBE Cosmetics Leaders' Summit” in November.

  • Incubation

With the vast amounts of high-quality resources CBE has acquired over the years, from top platforms, leading international scientific research institutions, KOLs, channel leaders, “CBE StarLab” is born.  With every selected recipient, CBE will help to cultivate, empower and transform the brand into a shining star.

  • Awards

Meiyi Awards

Created by CBE, and in collaboration with Ocean Engine, Ruili, Tencent Advertising, Taobao Global Shopping, Tmall, Alibaba, Ruhan, PClady, Sohu Video and other influential platforms, top honors are selected from thousands of top beauty companies, making CBE one of the most award rich entity in China's cosmetics industry.



The 2021 CBE Meiyi Awards are divided into two categories: "Annual Leading Beauty" and "Content Marketing". From trending categories to high-quality contents, a comprehensive analysis is done to dissect the secrets behind the success, that combining with industry wide resources to create the awards.

China Cosmetics ZunSheng Awards

Excellent distributors are selected from CBE’s huge global cosmetics database.  Through CBE Business Alliance, outstanding cosmetics distributors and retailers are chosen in various provinces and cities across the country, as well as outstanding presidents, secretary-generals and branch presidents of the CBE Business Alliance.


China Beauty Yue-Rong Awards

Co-sponsored by CBE and China Hairdressing and Beauty Association, excellent beauty agents and beauty salons are selected from more than 10,000 business enterprises across the country.

CBE Good Brands

This award is selected from thousands of excellent brands and high-quality companies from home and abroad.  These brands and companies outstanding performers in their respective fields, representing new technologies, cutting-edge trends, and the best of quality.


Meiyi Technology Display

These awards contain the "Best R&D", "Best Packaging", and "Best Formula" from the supply chain, winners of superior technology and remarkable products that help revitalize the industry from the source.

  • Media


Over the years, CBE has built a matrix of medias using WeChat accounts, video accounts, Weibo, Douyin Blue V, Bilibili etc. And recently launched columns in association with CBE Store Discovery, CBE City Discovery, CBE Brand Talk Show, CBE New Cosmetics, CBE DreamWorks and CBE Meiyan Hall. In addition, on the basis of the CBE business alliance and CBE Regionnal, CBE has also established one hundred private WeChat communities to provide precise communication and business matching services.


CBE Official Media

“Cosmetics News”, founded by CBE, is a professional media for the cosmetics industry, focusing on the upper and lower reaches of the cosmetics industry, uniting the industry and building a beautiful and prosperous industry ecosystem.


Full Coverage Media

As the top global beauty show in the world's top 100 trade fairs, CBE not only gathers the world's leading resources, but also channels all the information for the whole industry to see. During the 25th exhibition, CBE gathered more than 100 media to form a powerful all-media communication matrix. In addition to mainstream media platforms, industry media and mass media, it also brought together industry experts and KOLs.

Sharing global resources is a philosophy that buries deep within CBE. CBE takes innovation, leadership, and professionalism to empower the beauty industry.  May 12-14, 2021, at the Shanghai New International Expo Center, the 26th China Beauty Expo will be a grand occasion with a brand-new image!