5 Keywords, Spoilers for 26th CBE


A trend gathering and indicator for China's cosmetics industry, China Beauty Expo (CBE) will gather the latest and most advanced technologies and products, new concepts and ideas, as well as new ideas from leading companies and brands across the beauty industry. 

From May 12th to 14th, 2021, the 26th CBE will be held at the Shanghai New International Expo Center (Pudong). With an exhibition area of 260,000 sqm, and more than 3,600 beauty companies from over 40 countries and regions around the world, the number of visits will exceed 500,000.

Stop reading if you do not want to know what next year’s show will consist of, or how the show will help the development of the industry post pandemic.

1. Safety

The 25th CBE, held in July of 2020, is the world’s only successful super-large exhibition, with an area of more than 200,000 sqm during the pandemic, and it also became a model for the exhibition industry in terms of safety and operations.

For the 26th CBE in 2021, we will continue to prioritize the health and safety of all our exhibitors and visitors.  “Real-name” pre-registration and onsite “credential” scanning procedures will still be utilized to comply with government regulations.


Based off the experience from the last show, the organizer will actively coordinate with the venue and related agencies to formulate even better and complete control and prevention measures at the 26th CBE.  It is believed when the time comes, May will once again be known as the month with the gathering of thousands of beauty professionals.


In the beauty industry, data flow, IP, private traffic, live stream, short videos, etc. are all accelerating the industry into the digital world.

CBE will further strengthen its online and offline integration in 2021 on the foundation of "CBE Virtual Expo" and the introduction of other online platforms. CBE will provide exhibitors & visitors with many ways to communicate and help the industry seize new opportunities post COVID.  CBE's new virtual platform will be launched Pre-May.

CBE has been embracing the development of digitization, introducing high-quality online resources, and cooperating with authoritative platforms.  The new CBE virtual platform will be launched Pre-May.

3. China Style

According to data from the People's Daily Online, for the China market, attention of overseas brands in 2009 was 24% higher than that of domestic brands. In 2019, the attention of domestic brands have surpassed overseas brands by 70%. In addition, the "2020 China Consumer Brand Development Report" shows that among the 16 product categories from Alibaba's retail platform, domestic brands reached 72% in 2019. All signs indicate that Made in China seems to be getting more popular.



Through in-depth analysis, it is found that before the rise of China Style, the China economy was “supply chain” based.  Now that China Style is trending, China has entered an era of “brand power” economy.  Only with the rise of domestic brands can it sustain the trend of China Style for the time to come.  

China Beauty Expo, which takes the #1 spot for beauty in the top 100 commercial exhibitions, has always had an advantage in helping brands development.  At the 26th CBE, the organizer will closely cooperate with China Style brands and set up a "China Style” theme area as well as activities to help domestic brands excel.

4. Imports
Imported products have always been a feature of China Beauty Expo, as well as a good representation of the internationalization of CBE.  During the 2020 pandemic, cosmetics groups such as L’Oréal, Shiseido, Nivea, and Nu Skin still participated in the expo.  Knowing perfectly well the importance of having a presence at CBE.  Thousands of other imported brands have also made their debut at the exhibition through their China branches and China agents.


The 26th CBE will feature: N5 Japanese Brands, E2/E3 International pavilion and imported products, E5 International nail & eyelashes, E6 Korean Pavilion & Asian brands, E7 International Brands, E8 Japanese & Korean Brands, E10 International Brands, N2 International Pavilion and other theme pavilions related to international imports. 

5. Precision

At the 25th China Beauty Expo, whether from the manufacturing end, the brand end, the distribution end or retail end, functional skin care is generally sought after by consumers. At the "CBE Efficacy Forum", top industry physicians and authoritative experts from across the country, represented by Professor Liu Wei and Professor Li Li, said that the "Year of Efficacy" is here.

At the same time, under the trend of effective skin care, Sang Ying, the executive chairman of China Beauty Expo, said that with the development of technology and the development of skin genetic testing technology, the era of "precise skin care" has come. It is foreseeable that "precision" will take over "efficacy" and become a "hot topic" at the 26th CBE.

Finally, China Beauty Expo will provide exhibitors and visitors with more efficient customized services, precise business matchmaking and virtual events to make it the best expo yet.