4 Trends in Cosmetics Packaging


Christmas is just around the corner, and lots of beauty brands will launch a variety of exquisite Christmas products and gift boxes, which cannot be refused. 

This year, Dior will work with the famous French illustrator Safia Ouares; YSL will introduce its own mystery gift box which might surprise customers with custom brushes and premium custom fragrances; Lancome’s Christmas gift box will transform into a 3D Eiffel Tower once opened; Kiehl will work with an illustrator to create packaging out of recyclable materials.



This is an era of "Appearance Economy” and having “good-looking” products is very important. A survey shows that 64% of consumers will buy products with attractive packaging. In 2021, what is the "bellwether" of beauty packaging?

​01. Crossover Cooperation

"Co-branded" and "limited edition" products has become the driving force for the younger generations, and beauty brand + IP wave is surging. Once exceptionally distant artists, after collaboration with brands, brings products to the daily lives of consumers. 

Recent collaborations between beauty brands and artists have been "one after another", and beauty brands are turning to artistic crossover more frequently. Art empowers beauty, and brands are using it to upgrade their products through series of cooperation with artists, helping consumers to "integrating art into life".

02. Interactive Experience

Packaging not only carries the image of the brand, but also acts as a bridge that connects with consumers. Unique packaging enhances the interaction with consumers.  Packaging that’s full of fun and joy brings new trends to the beauty industry. 

Having to deal with the pandemic all year long, consumers are more than ever in need of emotional comfort and ease of mind.  They need relaxed and humorous brand content, fun packaging, anything that takes care of their emotional needs. 


Christimas Gift Box by L'occitane


The Christmas countdown gift box is full of surprises. The gift box generally includes 24 small windows or drawers, which can be accessed on that calendar date to get the hidden surprise.  The calendar gift box takes on the concept of “one mystery a day”, and this kind of "box opening" has entered the beauty industry.

03. Clean Beauty

Under the trend "Clean Beauty", cosmetics from ingredients to packaging are always pursuing simplicity and purity. With the continuous adaptation of "sustainability and environmental protection", these are important factors to consider when dealing with Generation Z.

China Business Data Center (CBNData) and Harper's Bazaar released the "2020 China Beauty Consumption Trend White Paper" and pointed out: With a greater caring for life and health after having experienced the pandemic, the concepts of “Clean Beauty” and "Sustainability" will be further rooted into people's mind.

Beauty brands are actively promoting sustainable innovation in packaging.  At this year’s Double Eleven shopping festival, L’Oréal, Lancome and other brands actively responded to the idea of green packaging, contributing to the protection of the environment.  Original packaging was used with non-tape cartons, which saved enough tape to go around the earth twice.


Packaging Design by P&G


Shiseido launched a 100% plant-based degradable material for product packaging; Amorepacific and Dow collaborated to unveil a new recyclable packaging; P&G introduced a refillable aluminum bottle packaging which consists of a reusable 100% aluminum bottle and a recyclable refill bag, and will reduce plastic consumption by 60%; Estee Lauder cooperated with chemical company SABIC and packaging supplier Albéa to develop new recyclable tube which will be applied to the brand “Origins” for the first time.  Beauty brands are constantly  developing environmentally friendly packaging.

A.T. Kearney and Lingge Technology released the “White Paper on Beauty Opportunities in the Post-epidemic Era” and indicated that natural beauty and brand's position towards environmental sustainability is the way of the future. The pandemic has caused Chinese consumers to pay more attention to what brands do rather than just product efficacy. Nowadays, more and more attention is given to the social responsibility of a company. A brand that cares about ecology and environment is especially popular with consumers,  because such brands and products can give consumers a sense of security and trust, and is the quality that consumers value most in the post-pandemic era.

04. Safety Comes First

The pandemic has put forth new requirements for safe packaging, and “safety” has become the most concerned issue for consumers when they come into contact with buying products. The hygiene level of the packaging is also under strict scrutiny. The pursuit of safety, hygiene and environmental protection solutions also drive consumers' purchasing decisions.

Safe and sustainable materials have become a trend, environmental protection, anti-virus certified coatings and materials shows an upward trend. In the future, emerging materials and coatings which can ensure the safety of consumers will be popular.

New technologies, materials, designs...as part of branding and packaging has become a key step for brands to successfully breakthrough into the market. In the future, brands will pay even more attention to safety, sustainability, and recyclables when it comes to packaging, going beyond the traditional visual enjoyment.



In order to meet the rising market demand for cosmetic packaging, China Beauty Expo has always been committed to promoting independent innovation of cosmetic packaging. In 2021, CBE will once again create a strong "packaging reunion", bringing together outstanding cosmetics innovative packaging companies from home and abroad.

The 26th China Beauty Expo will be held from May 12 to 14, 2021 at the Shanghai New International Expo Center (Pudong). The four pavilions W4, W5, N3, and W10 will present the strongest lineup of beauty packaging. New materials, technologies and new craftsmanship will be displayed at the 26th CBE to push cosmetics packaging to new heights!

At the same time, the "2021 Meiyi Science and Technology Award" dedicated to achieving innovation in the cosmetics supply chain will also be staged once again for, top selections, categories, marketing contents, and others. "Innovative Packaging Award" will be given to leading companies in the packaging industry with the best "innovation" and "design."


(Part of the content of the article is quoted from: CBNData & Bazaar's "2020 China Beauty Consumption Trend White Paper", A.T. Kearney and Lingge Technology’s the “White Paper on Beauty Opportunities in the Post-epidemic Era” etc., pictures are from the internet. If there is any infringement, please contact us.)