An Unusual Double 11

Tmall data shows from 00:00 to 01:51 on November 1, 100 brands including Apple, L'Oréal, Haier, Estee Lauder, Nike, Huawei, Midea, Lancome, Xiaomi, Adidas and other brands exceeded 100 million Yuan in turnover, quickly entered the "Billion Yuan Club" on Tmall Double 11. Amongst them, beauty and 3C home appliance brands contributed the most hot items.

Yes, you read that right, this is the Double 11 this year. Double 11 has been going on for twelve years now, and the playing rules keep on changing year after year.Even in 2020, a challenging year, Double 11 has shown earth-shaking changes.


01. One into two

In the early morning of November 1, many words related to the Double 11, including "empty shopping cart", "very busy tonight", and "final payment ", rushed to the top ten search phrases.​

The phenomenon that only happens on November 11 came early. The root of all this came from the changes made in the gameplay of Double 11. The biggest change is splitting the festival into 2 . After paying the deposit starting on October 21st, the first wave of final payment will be carried out from November 1st to 3rd, while the second wave of final payment will happen on November 11.

This has led to the phenomenon of staying up late to pay in advance, and on the morning of November 1st, some consumers already received their products that they have just paid in the early morning. The once shopping festival known as Double 11 has now been turned into two shopping festivals, further stimulating consumption.



02. Live streaming, breaking records

Live streaming is taking over this year, and became the absolute main attraction of Double 11 pre-sale.

10 minutes after pre-sales went live, the total amount of transactions on Taobao Live stream exceeded the one-day total of last year, a 400% increase. Especially in cosmetics, 12 items were live-streamed, totaling 100 million RMB.

According to Taobao, at about 2 o’clock on October 21, the number of views in the top live streaming room belongs to Li Jiaqi, at about 160 million views, with Wei Ya coming in second at about 140 million.  Third-party data agency Zhigua Data lists the sales of Wei Ya and Li Jiaqi at 5.32 billion yuan and 3.87 billion yuan on the first day of the pre-sale. In addition to top KOLs such as Wei Ya and Li Jiaqi, other main stream celebrities have hopped on the bandwagon and hope to attract traffic on "Double 11" through live streaming.

According to Taobao's official numbers on the TOP 10 Taobao Live Beauty Merchants (ranked by total revenue), from 0:00 on October 21st to 24:00 on November 1st, Estée Lauder ranked first, followed by Lancome in second, L'Oreal came in third, Shiseido and Sulwhasoo were fourth and fifth respectively.

03. International brands chooses Double 11

The annual Double 11 can be said to be a shopping festival for the whole nation. In addition to being valued by the Chinese, it is also increasingly valued by international brands.

At this year's Double 11, a lot of overseas stars also took advantage of the festival, such as Victoria Beckham, Kim Kardashian, Rihanna, Miranda Kerr, LA Lakers legend "Magic" Johnson, etc. bringing exclusive and newly launched products to Chinese consumers through Tmall International.

Take the singer Rihanna for example, she has participated in the Double 11 for two consecutive years. This year, she stocked over 100 million worth of her personal brand Fenty Beauty for potential buyers. To kick-off, Rihanna achieved her first live stream on Tmall International, introducing the world's first bubble rosy highlighting powder customized for Asians, appealing to more than 2 million viewers.



Kim Kardashian once again used Double 11 festival to debut new products. Her personal fragrance brand KKW FRAGRANCE in collaboration with her mother Kris Jenner, unveiled a new product "KKW KRIS Art Embossed Co-branded Perfume". It became the hot item during the festival pre-sales, driving the brand's overall search by 1000%.​

At the same time, Victoria Beckham’s personal beauty brand Victoria Beckham Beauty launched the world's first essence researched and developed by her team. International supermodel Miranda Kerr's skin care brand KORA Organics and famous British makeup artist Charlotte Tilbury both prepared special custom gift boxes and limited-edition items. Even the legendary Lakers star "Magic" Johnson brought the natural skin care brand Uncle Bud’s to participate in the event.



04. Domestic brands achieving great success​

With the rise of favoring local products, many domestic brands have given new vitality. Pechoin, the leading domestic brand, together with Cobos, Balabala, Quanyou Home Furnishings, etc. became the first batch of domestic brands that exceeded 100 million in revenue.

“CHANDO” also entered the 100 million yuan club. It is reported that during the "Double 11" pre-sale period, the number of viewers for “CHANDO” exceeded 8 million, ranked first on the Taobao live streaming domestic product list. During their live stream, product endorsers recommended good products and prepared 9.9 yuan gifts for the viewers. For the interactive portion of the live stream, viewers were gifted with Alipay’s red envelopes along with other surprises. 

In addition, some emerging domestic brands also performed particularly well, with sales exceed 100 million. The “Perfect Diary”, a leading color cosmetics brand, quickly exceeded 100 million yuan in the opening 33 minutes, becoming the first Tmall color cosmetics brand to exceed 100 million yuan on Double 11.

Winona, who has successfully ranked among the forefront of domestic skin care brands with main concept of sensitive skin repair also managed to break 100 million yuan in sales in the opening 33 minutes, exceeding the total sales of Double 11 in 2019. In addition, it successfully broke 200 million in 48 minutes, an increase of 171% compared to 2019.

It can be seen from the data that performance of domestic brands this year is indeed remarkable.

The final data of Double 11 festival this year will be analyzed after the final payments on November 11. But there is no doubt that this year's Double 11 festival has exploded with new vitality.