Five Future Trends in the Makeup Sector

People's desires for beauty products are getting more and more sophisticated! The growth of consumer demands for refined beauty products has far exceeded the needs of whitening, moisturizing, and hydrating.  Cosmetic brands' exploration for particular effects is becoming more and more precise.

On the path of pursuing beauty after having experienced “basic skin care – basic makeup – refined skin care and makeup”, consumers left no stones unturned in search for better beauty products.
The ever-changing needs of segmentation have also enabled more and more advanced skin care concepts to be explored. New selling points are frequently appearing in the beauty industry. Let’s take a look. What refined beauty products are rising into the market’s new favorites?
01. Taking "Face Shaping" as a selling point to create a new trend in skin care
The skin care industry has set off a new surge in “face shaping”. In the past, changes in face shape were mostly achieved by medical beauty or micro-repair, but now more and more consumers look forward to getting an ideal face shape through daily skin care products.

With the great demand for lifting, firming, and face-shaping, the facial mask category has seized on this "face-shaping craze", with new products such as V-face mask and line carving mask emerging endlessly. At the same time, skin care products that focus on the shape of the face, such as filling creams, are rising to stardom.

A new selling point has also appeared in the face shaping consumers -"Filling Temple". CBNData released their “Monthly Consumer Trends in the Beauty Industry (June)", showed that "Filling Temple" has become a hot potential searching word for facial mask products on the Tmall platform.
02. Remove acne scars and tear groove, facial essence adds new efficacy
As a typical item of high-end products, facial essence has become a driving category for industry growth, which has an unshakable influence in the beauty market. To meet the increasingly refined demands of current consumers, in addition to moisturizing, anti-wrinkle, anti-aging, repairing and soothing, facial essences have added a variety of new efficacies.

The “Monthly Consumer Trends in the Beauty Industry (June)" report by CBNData shows that from the hot searched beauty products on Tmall platform concludes potential facial essence products should focus on the efficacy of removing tear grooves, acne scars, and repairing peptides.

The fine lines on the eyes can betray one’s true age, and another place that is easily overlooked is the tear groove. Wrinkles such as tear grooves and nasolabial folds will increase a person's sense of age and make people feel a few years older. The skincare field have now started to target this segment in hopes of removing the tear groove. 
At the same time, shrinking pores and diminishing acne marks have become a requirement for skin care products, and products that add acne scar removal effects have become the hottest item of the "acne skin" group.
03. Being perfect, exquisite "makeup”

In addition to basic makeup, consumers are increasingly looking for more refined and long-lasting makeup. Makeup professionals have gradually increased their requirements for exquisite makeup, thorough primer, fine trim and highlights, and final settings, all these are little tips for the perfect look.

As for makeup, Gen Z has an attitude of being perfect. The "Generation Z Trend Beauty Consumption Insight Report" released by CBNData and Tmall International Beauty shows generation Z has more diversified demands for makeup: base makeup, lipsticks and makeup tools are the most mainstream needs; powder, shadow, concealer, etc. are also a main attraction for them. The makeup of Generation Z is becoming more exquisite.

The meticulous pursuit of beauty is also reflected in the professionalism of makeup and the many steps. The hot sales of beauty brushes such as highlight brushes, blush brushes, and shadow brushes reveals this trend. In addition to the various beauty brushes, several eye shadow brushes are also receiving more and more attention.
04. "Rescue" product soars, skin care needs "overnight recovery"

Young people often go out and stay up late, environmental pollution and seasonal changes make their skin fragile and sensitive, which is in desperate need of rescue.

In the rescue scenario, consumers’ demand for "rescue" skin care products has increased significantly. The "Generation Z Trend Beauty Consumption Insight Report" released by CBNData shows young people look forward to "immediate" skin improvement efficacy and pay more attention to products with immediate efficacy ingredient.

The popularity of "rescue" products by Gen Z has also been confirmed by the "Report". In 2019, the popularity of online search for rescue products among the post-95s population is 6 times that of the 80s. Faced with the dullness and acne problems caused by staying up late, "an overnight recovery" is just what’s needed.
05. Anti-blue light & portable, sunscreen products faces new changes

Sunscreen is becoming one of the fastest growing categories in the cosmetics market. As consumers pay more and more attention to sunscreen products, more demands have emerged in the sunscreen market, leading to new products catering to consumer needs.

Consumers' awareness of anti-blue light has increased, and its demand have appeared in the sunscreen market. The report "Decoding the New Sun Protection Era for Chinese Consumers" released by Tmall International and Kantar Consumer Index shows: “Anti blue light” product has become a new trend in the sunscreen market, many cosmetic enterprises have thus far launched many anti blue light products.
On the other hand, portable bottle are also becoming the latest consumers’ demand for sunscreen products.  From the hot searched beauty products on Tmall platform concludes the design of sunscreen products should consider the needs of portability.
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