10 Highlights of the 25th China Beauty Expo

From July 9 to 11, 2020, the 25th China Beauty Expo (CBE) and Supply World will officially commence at the Shanghai New International Expo Centre located in Pudong, Shanghai. It is the first major international beauty expos to return to business in the year 2020. 

1. Supply World to Debut Offering New Opportunities for Beauty Supply Chain

For years, China Beauty Expo has been devoted to building a trade platform connecting the beauty industry with its upstream and downstream partners to cover a comprehensive range of categories. From July 9 to 11, the 25th China Beauty Expo (CBE) and the newly launched Supply World will once again bring together more than 3,000 exhibitors, a large number of buyers from all sectors, as well as R&D professionals to provide a one-stop service station for information exchange, trade negotiations, and customized solutions.

Supply World will reinforce CBE’s strong segments of packaging, OEM/ODM/OBM, Machinery, Ingredients, Testing and Laboratory and other related segments.

2. A Forceful Comeback – Gathering of More Than 3,000 Exhibitors

Following CBE’s official announcement of the new event dates in May, more than 3,000 companies gave a vote of confidence by confirming to exhibit at the expo, representing more than 90% of the original total of exhibitors signing up for the 25th CBE.

Some of the leading brands to showcase their latest products and technologies at this year’s CBE include: Jahwa, JALA, Pechoin, PROYA, Huanya, Inoherb, Lovefun, Mingchen, COGI, OUSIA, Avon and Filorga, as well as top suppliers such as Intercos, COSMAX, Kolmar, Taihe Group, Weikele, EasyCare, Symrise, DSM and HCT GROUP.

3. The Preferred Expo to find Imported Beauty Products

Imported products have been one of CBE’s biggest highlights. In 2019, the expo attracted exhibitors from more than 40 countries and regions across the globe. Despite the current travel restrictions, most imported beauty brands will still exhibit at CBE 2020.


In addition to cosmetics giants such as L'Oréal, Shiseido, Nivea and Nu Skin, thousands of other international brands will exhibit at this year’s CBE through their local China team. Hall N5 Japanese and Korean Cosmetics, Hall E2 International Pavilions and Imported Products, Hall E3 & E7 International Brands, and Hall E8 Japanese and Korean Cosmetics will showcase a vast range of quality beauty products. 

4. CBE Launches Online Expo

In order to help exhibitors to better promote and market their offerings and capture more business opportunities, CBE launches its online expo, the CBE Virtual Expo as a value-added service, free of charge to all 3,000+ exhibitors.

The CBE Virtual Expo is an integrated online platform that enables exhibitors to share information, interact and trade. Exhibitors can display their product information at its homepage, generate personalized e-invitations for buyers as well as making their promotion go viral through social media such as WeChat and Weibo.

5. Themed Pavilions – Innovation Leads to New Development

The themed pavilions at CBE not only reveal the most prominent industry trends but also represents CBE’s interpretation of the future cosmetics market. While maintaining its popular pavilions, CBE will also focus on new trends such as rising Chinese brands, imported cosmetics, beauty tools and healthcare to further empower the industry through social e-commerce and IPs.

In particular, Halls W2, W7 and W8 will present the current development trends of cosmetics and beauty tools and shed light on future trends. The newly unveiled Hall W9 will feature famous high-end personal care brands globally to present an exclusive “personal care festival” IP.  Hall E11, created for beauty care products, will bring together quality brands, agents, and OEM/ODM enterprises to promote oral beauty products.

Hall N7, IP Licensing & Manufacture highlights three elements of brand licensing, namely, IP licensing, brand procurement and self-owned brands, and is expected to facilitate the in-depth fusion of quality IPs with cosmetics brands and manufacturers and convert the former into innovative cosmetic crossovers. The newly upgraded Hall N6 Advanced Science & innovation will provide innovative insights into sustainability and demonstrate the power of technologies.

6. Focusing on Future Development in Fashion and Technology

Since the beginning, CBE has organized exciting events to share the latest information, industry trends and changes.  The upcoming CBE 2020 will feature a series of events covering R&D, technological innovation, packaging design, new product categories, retail empowerment, face-to-face communication with authorities and experts, analytical reports, and future development trends of the beauty industry.


7. Influential Ranking – Most Distinguished Awards

Apart from the series of splendid events, CBE’s top awards at the expo are also a big part of the show. This year’s Meiyi Award is created in conjunction with Cosmetic News, C2CC, Alimama, Ocean Engine, Rayli, Tencent Ads, PClady, Sohu Video, Meiyou App, COSIN and Channel Dressy.   Within a short span of 20 days, a total of 3,858,192 votes were casted online.  Award winners will be announced on the Meiyi Awards Ceremony on July 9.


The organizing committee will also join hands with Ocean Engine, Alimama, Rayli and other mainstream social platforms and agencies producing and incubating quality content to launch the 2020 Meiyi Awards of Content Marketing that looks at popular IP’s, quality content production, and new KOLs exploring the age of short videos.

The 2020 Meiyi Awards is committed to “recognize innovative forces in the cosmetics supply chain and reinvigorating the industry from the very origin” will also release the three major ranking lists, including The Best R&D, The Best Packaging and the Best Formula, to celebrate and honor technologies and products that are distinctive in fields such as raw materials, R&D, packaging or other fields of upstream segments.


8. More than 20% Year-on-Year Increase of Visitor Pre-Registrations

In terms of inviting buyers, the organizing committee has achieved groundbreaking innovations.
In collaboration with leading beauty manufacturers and suppliers, and through partnerships with trade associations, CBE business alliance, beauty business service center, as well as KOLs and online influencers, CBE has launched campaigns to encourage massive buyer’s group with customized QR code for each individual and precise invitations was sent using its big database.   By working with the China Post, more than 50,000 postcards were sent to professionals in the cosmetics sector. What’s more, the organizing committee has further maximize the visibility of CBE by launching advertisements on platforms such as Baidu, Google, WeChat, Weibo, Douyin and Toutiao.

According to official data, the number of visitors that have pre-registered for the 25th China Beauty Expo (CBE) has seen an increase of more than 20% over the same period last year.

9. Use of More Than 100 Medias to Maximize Public Awareness of CBE

Topping international cosmetics expos on the list of the world’s top 100 trade fairs, CBE gathers leading resources around the globe and facilitates communication and advertising on as many media as possible.

CBE has partnered with more than 100 medias to form a powerful media communication system. Besides mainstream media platforms, industry media and mass media, it will also work with industry experts, KOLs and influencers to raise public awareness of CBE.

10. Green and Safe – CBE Explores New Modes of Expo Development

CBE is championing the idea of “developing a green and sustainable expo” that showcases products in a “simple, stylish and eco-friendly” manner, with the view to effectively and efficiently help exhibitors secure market opportunities. To save booth costs while showcasing the best possible brand images, CBE calls on exhibitors to feature “eco-friendliness” in their booth setup and decoration, material use, and onsite trade negotiations. It encourages them to devote more energy and money to communicate with buyers to obtain business opportunities.

In terms of safety, CBE 2020 will formulate comprehensive epidemic prevention and control measures and emergency response plans based on the “Guidelines for the Shanghai Exhibition Industry’s Prevention and Control of COVID-19” and the “Guidelines for Shanghai’s Resumption of Production and Operation in Response to the New Normal of COVID-19”. It will perform procedures to clean and disinfect public areas, facilitate ventilation, temperature checking, and set up areas for medical services.  All attendees are required to register online and scan their ID cards for venue entry.

CBE has long been committed to resource sharing across the globe. With the constant development of our show, CBE is dedicated to innovation, professional services and industrial empowerment.  It will continue to explore further possibilities for the beauty industry.  From July 9 to 11, 2020, CBE 2020 will deliver a brilliant show for the beauty sector.