Pre-registration exceeds by 20% compare to last year!

Since its inception 25 years ago, China Beauty Expo CBE has been building a platform for interaction and commerce between brands and channels. It has been cultivating the buyer’s market for more than 20 years and has accumulated more than a million of professional buyers in its database.

This year, in order to assist our exhibitors, buyers and partners to actively seize market opportunities and gain an edge, as well as boost confidence in to Chinese beauty professionals and promote the recovery of the Chinese cosmetics industry, the organizing committee of China Beauty Expo welcome enterprises of cosmetics, supply chain, and professional line, together with nationwide industry associations (CBE business alliance, Beauty business service center), industry leaders, influencers, thousand visitor delegation, and precise buyers from CBE’s million user database to the show.

As of today, the official visitor pre-registration for the 25th China Beauty Expo has exceeded 20% over the same period last year.

After 25 years of accumulation, CBE buyer resources covers all provinces, cities and autonomous regions across the country, covering franchise, department stores, supermarkets, and e-commerce.  At the same time, CBE's growth has been strongly supported by many industry associations and alliances across the country and has maintained great relationships with everyone in the industry.

This year, after implementing the "Thousand Visitor Delegation" strategy, industry associations from the cosmetic, supply, professional line all responded very positive. China Hair and Beauty Association, Shanghai Cosmetics Association, Shanghai Packaging Technology Association, and many more have all agreed to attend the show.

Together with over 3000 enterprises exhibiting, tens of thousands of brands of the three major themes (cosmetics, supply chain, professional line), professional scientific research team and decision makers, it’s a show not to be missed.


In addition to the "Thousand visitor delegation" strategy, another highlight this year is the exclusive private invitation code.

Whether it’s industry association, leading enterprises, buyers’ group, organizations or even individuals (industry leaders, KOL, etc.), the CBE organizing committee shall provide all with an exclusive invitation code. With the precise traceable invitation, more efficient marketing can be achieved. 

CBE's buyer group has always been known for its high quality in the beauty industry, with an extreme high rate of onsite transaction.  As of this year, the CBE Business Alliance and CBE Beauty Business Service Center have been well established in more than 30 provinces and cities nationwide.

Among them, the CBE Business Alliance, which focuses on cosmetics channels and establishments, has established 32 branches nationwide, with more than 5,000 VIPs and over 100,000 establishments; and CBE Beauty Business Service Center, which focuses on the professional beauty, including beauty salons, beauty SPA clubs, beauty and plastic surgery hospitals, hair salon, and other mainstream beauty industry channels.

In order to help exhibitors’ market and obtain more business opportunities, this exhibition adds CBE Virtual Expo on top of the already successful physical event.  More than 3,000 exhibitors will exhibit their products online and have the ability to create online invitations. Furthermore, millions of exposures will be created online on platforms such as Baidu, Google, WeChat, Weibo, TikTok, and Toutiao.



Industry renowned events will once again be held at the 25th China Beauty Expo, events such as the 2020 China Cosmetics Retail Summit, 2020 Meiyi Awards, 2020 Meiyi Creative Marketing Awards, 2020 International Cosmetics Technology Advancement Conference, 2020 International Cosmetics Aethetic & Dermatology Conference, and many more will attract thousands of industry elites and professional audiences.