Pre-registration guideline


For the 25th China Beauty Expo, we are implementing many safety measures at request of the government to ensure a safe show. Our registration forms will capture the identities and contact details of all registrants in order to verify their health conditions.  

Please follow the guideline to pre-register: 

  • All personnel entering the venue must have their own “Green Health Code”.  Please register for the health code in advance.
  • Please bring your ID or passport with you (Phone Photos or Scan Copies shall NOT be accepted) for entry to the venue. ID and passport information must match with pre-registered data.
  • Infrared body scanner and temperature checking shall be enforced to ensure all that enters the venue have a normal temperature (<37.3 celsius). All persons inside the venue must always wear a facemask.

(The above three conditions must ALL be met before allowed inside the venue).

The exhibition is for professional / invitees only. No one under the age of 18 is allowed.Photography and videography are prohibited on-site.

We hope to see you at the expo!