88K views, CBE E-Academy first live stream hits a high note

On April 28, CBE Cloud Strategy finally kicked off its "E-Academy" steaming program, with its first episode focused
on "how to restore beauty retailing during and after the pandemic." The  live broadcast garnered over 88,000 views in
the mere 120 minutes of streaming, creating a new high in the industry for a single live broadcast and praised by the industry insiders as a very meaningful and influential initiative of "carrying a mission and leading the industry to break the dilemma". The live broadcast was hosted by Ying SANG, executive chairman of China Beauty Expo, with honor guests Yuyou FANG, co-founder and CEO of Proya, Yan JING, vice chairman of CBE business alliance & chairman of Yisha chain, Fenghui NIE, vice chairman of CBE business alliance & chairman of Yiyatong Daze, Xi CHEN, special lecturer of Tencent & CEO of Youfeng, and Jingmin SANG, the founder and chairman of China Beauty Expo & the chairman of Shanghai Convention and Exhibition Industry Association.


The live broadcast commenced with Ying sharing the domestic retail data for the first quarter of 2020, which was 9
billion USD, a decrease of 13.2% compared to the same period last year. All retailers, from specialty stores to department stores have been severely affected.  As an industry leading and influential beauty platform, the China Beauty Expo (CBE) team believes the underlying issue with retailers is their inability to adapt to the crisis with
its brick-and-mortar stores and traditional retailers can no longer meet the market demand.  For the cosmetics
industry, whether its brand owners, distributors, or retail stores, all must be constantly evolving with the times to cater to the market.

From the perspective of the brand Proya, their adaptation of the online model helped mitigate the overall influence by the pandemic.  Proya’s first quarter revenue was only off by a few percent compared to same period last year, which was far better than expected.  Yiyatong, a company that had laid the foundation for online model at an earlier age, saw its performance in February and March surpassed the same period last year under this difficult time.  Yan, who connected to the live broadcast from his office, believes that the biggest issue with the traditional physical stores is that it hasn’t kept up with the evolution of technology.  Chairman Sang Jingmin added that offline physical stores lack a system to cope with the crisis.  A new form of business model must be established in order to meet the demand. 


For the many offline retailers, the ship for establishing online model have already sailed. However, in order to
survive, these entities must actively transform, go online, stream, gather followers, and build new ways of transaction.  In the 120-minute live broadcast, guest speakers laid out the challenges facing the retailers and gave possible solutions, which viewers found to be very precious. With such great feedback and results, starting from May, "CBE E-Academy" will broadcast for 3 days in the third week of each month.

For the upcoming E-Academy, to be held from May 18-21, will include streaming genre of hottest products, Supply-World and many more.  It will be an unforgettable event for the beauty industry in May.  Future months live broadcast will have themes of Japanese brands, Korean brands, Europe and United States brands, flavor of the month, etc.   

In short, CBE will make every effort to build the most efficient platform for online social learning, online commerce, and transactions in the cosmetics industry. Through content marketing and high-quality community interaction, it will accurately reach both B & C end, promote the union of different needs, and welcome new business opportunities.