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This year's China Beauty Expo will bring together more than 400 excellent domestic and foreign companies, with an exhibition area of 15,000 square meters. The exhibits will include tens of thousands of domestic and foreign mainstream and unique products of personal care, hair care, oral care, cotton and personal equipment. By following the rapid growth trend of the personal care market, CBE will concurrently introduce high-end international and domestic personal care products, as well as many niche, emerging, and demand-segmented new brands, which will meet the needs of mainstream offline channels and e-commerce platforms, social e-commerce, and new retails.

Scope of Exhibitors

  • Personal care (body care, hand and feet care)
  • Personal Care (shampoo / conditioner, hair care, hair styling, hair dye, etc.)
  • Oral care (toothbrush, toothpaste, mouthwash, dental floss, oral spray, etc.)
  • Paper cotton supplies Supplements
  • Personal beauty equipment


Why Exhibit

  • Exhibits with well-known global personal care companies and brands
  • Category segmentation
  • Thematic events, integration of channels online and offline
  • Participate in industry focus forums, listen to industry authorities, interpret and explore future development trends of the industry
  • Connect with quality buyers from more than 80 countries

Visitor Category

  • Word of mouth from more than 400 personal care companies from home and abroad
  • Category segmentation
  • Thematic events, integration of channels online and offline
  • Meet your full range of personal care product selections

Why Visit

  • Regional distributors across the country, top 100 / regional chain stores
  • Shopping Malls / Department Stores
  • International associations, Asia’s excellent channel dealers
  • Mainstream e-commerce buyer group
  • Social E-commerce, Wechat
  • Mainstream medias, KOL
  • Operational service agencies, industry experts

Exhibitor Highlights

Product Highlights

Guangzhou Uniasia Cosmetics Technology Co., Ltd.

Product Brand: SEEYOUNG 

SEEYOUNG, a leader of silicone-free scalp care. Since its birth in 2014, SEEYOUNG adheres to the principle of "green, safe and healthy", integrates the concept of natural and healthy scalp care into life and brings a more natural, gentler and healthier washing experience for people who seek for high quality life. From silicon-free to sulfate-free to fragrance, SEEYOUNG always leads the new trend of silicone-free scalp care, with continuously upgraded technology and research, precise and scientific brand communication, diversified promotion strategies and high-end International brand image.

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